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2018-08-04win32/Makefile.sub: build precompiled headerk0kubun
2018-07-08benchmark: introduce benchmark_driver.gemk0kubun
2018-02-22Ignore rb_mjit_min_header- instead of rb_mjit_header-nobu
2018-02-22Ignore /mjit_config.hnobu
2018-02-07.gitignore: ignore min header for in-place buildk0kubun install a single header file for JITk0kubun
2017-11-12.gitignore: ignore dlntest.dllk0kubun
2017-10-26Removed obsoleted gitignore for test dependency.hsbt
2017-10-26Ignore .bundleusa
2017-10-21[EXPERIMENTAL] Added test-bundled-gems task.hsbt
2017-10-11* .gitignore: ignore exe/ruby and exe/.time instead of bin/rubysonots
2017-09-15rename ruby-runner as bin/rubynobu
2017-09-09Support LCOV visualization for both C and Ruby codemame
2017-09-09Sync .gitignore and svn:ignore and cleanup [ci skip]kazu
2017-09-08Merge bundler to standard libraries.hsbt
2017-09-07Measure the test coverage without SimpleCovmame
2017-08-29.gitignore: ignore run.gdbsonots
2017-07-04Use lcov visualizer for gcov statisticsmame
2017-05-20Add coverage measurement mode by using gcovmame
2017-05-07Add in-tree mspec and ruby/speceregon
2017-05-04.gitignore: ignore benchmark/bm_require.datanormal
2017-04-23ext/dl has been removed already [ci skip]nobu
2017-04-22Ignore enc/jis/props.hnobu
2017-04-11enc/unicode/data: no files under version control nownobu
2017-03-23fix GraphemeBreakProperty.txtnobu
2017-02-03.gitignore: add ext/rbconfig/sizeof/limits.cnormal
2017-01-23Parallel ext configurationnobu
2016-12-27Ignored extracted gem files.hsbt
2016-09-23ignore all versions [ci skip]nobu
2016-09-22sync with svn:ignore. see r56105 [ci skip]kazu
2016-08-09* ext/tk: Tk is removed from stdlib. [Feature #8539]naruse
2016-07-06Ignore -save-temps=obj filesnobu
2015-12-09* .gitignore: ignored ISeq binary format.hsbt
2015-12-07.gitignore: added cygwin*.def for Cygwinduerst
2015-11-09* test/runner.rb: use official repository for coverage tool.hsbt
2015-10-23* .gitignore: ignored environmantal wrapper files.hsbt fix conflict of version.inobu
2015-07-15* .gitignore: ignore version.i. [ci skip]kazu
2015-05-25add .gitignore rules for Microsoft Visual C++naruse
2015-01-26* .gitignore: ignored temporary file with git.hsbt
2014-12-23fiddle: extlibsnobu
2014-11-11tables.rb: addnobu
2014-10-31* .gitignore: ignored unicode data with version directories.hsbt
2014-10-21lib/unicode_normalize/tables.rb: remove auto generated file.nobu
2014-10-21lib/unicode_normalize/tables.rb: Committing to make versionduerst
2014-10-19add .gitignorenaruse
2014-09-11* .gitignore: ignored temporary files and coverage results.hsbt
2014-09-11* .gitignore: ignored only simplecov.hsbt
2014-09-02* test/runner.rb: reporting test coverage for test-all with COVERAGE env.hsbt