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== How to compile and install
-1. Execute win32\configure.bat on your build directory.
+1. Execute <tt>win32\configure.bat</tt> on your build directory.
You can specify the target platform as an argument.
For example, run `<tt>configure --target=i686-mswin32</tt>'
You can also specify the install directory.
For example, run `<tt>configure --prefix=<install_directory></tt>'
- Default of the install directory is /usr .
+ Default of the install directory is <tt>/usr</tt> .
The default _PLATFORM_ is `+i386-mswin32_+_MSRTVERSION_' on 32-bit
platforms, or `+x64-mswin64_+_MSRTVERSION_' on x64 platforms.
_MSRTVERSION_ is the 2- or 3-digits version of the Microsoft