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ruby/ruby.h: remove unnecessary exports from C-API
Needlessly exporting can reduce performance locally and increase binary size. Increasing the footprint of our C-API larger is also detrimental to our development as it encourages tighter coupling with our internals; making it harder for us to preserve compatibility. If some parts of the core codebase needs access to globals, internal.h should be used instead of anything in include/ruby/*. "Urabe, Shyouhei" <> wrote: > On Thu, Jan 18, 2018 at 7:33 PM, Eric Wong <> wrote: > > wrote: > >> > >> > >> export rb_mFConst > > > > Why are we exporting all these and making the public C-API bigger? > > If anything, we should make these static. Thanks. > > No concrete reason, except they have already been externed in 2.5. > These variables had lacked declarations so far, which resulted in their > visibility to be that of extern. The commit is just confirming the status quo. > > I'm not against to turn them into static. This reverts changes from r61910, r61909, r61908, r61907, and r61906. * transcode.c (rb_eUndefinedConversionError): make static (rb_eInvalidByteSequenceError): ditto (rb_eConverterNotFoundError): ditto * process.c (rb_mProcGID, rb_mProcUid, rb_mProcID_Syscall): ditto * file.c (rb_mFConst): ditto * error.c (rb_mWarning, rb_cWarningBuffer): ditto * enumerator.c (rb_cLazy): ditto [Misc #14381] git-svn-id: svn+ssh:// b2dd03c8-39d4-4d8f-98ff-823fe69b080e
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diff --git a/transcode.c b/transcode.c
index c524259..ff9576d 100644
--- a/transcode.c
+++ b/transcode.c
@@ -17,9 +17,9 @@
/* VALUE rb_cEncoding = rb_define_class("Encoding", rb_cObject); */
-VALUE rb_eUndefinedConversionError;
-VALUE rb_eInvalidByteSequenceError;
-VALUE rb_eConverterNotFoundError;
+static VALUE rb_eUndefinedConversionError;
+static VALUE rb_eInvalidByteSequenceError;
+static VALUE rb_eConverterNotFoundError;
VALUE rb_cEncodingConverter;