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authorJeremy Evans <>2019-10-13 22:20:32 -0700
committerMasatoshi SEKI <>2019-10-14 14:20:32 +0900
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Fix some DRb issues (#2552)
* Handle BasicObject in drb Also fix a bug in rescue clause of any_to_s because sprintf does not handle the %l modifier. Fixes [Bug #7833] * Do not send a reply to the client if there is a connection error This allows for normal TCP shutdown (fin-ack-fin-ack instead of fin-ack-push-rst). Patch from (Pierre-Alexandre Meyer). Fixes [Bug #2339] * Detect fork and do not reuse forked connections in drb This associates each DRbConn with a pid, and if the pid changes, it closes any DRbConns in the pool with a pid that no longer matches. This fixes DRb servers from sending messages intended for one client to another client after forking. Fixes [Bug #2718] Fixes [Bug #14471]
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diff --git a/test/drb/ut_drb.rb b/test/drb/ut_drb.rb
index 6a94a0fb401..b1306d0cb06 100644
--- a/test/drb/ut_drb.rb
+++ b/test/drb/ut_drb.rb
@@ -63,6 +63,15 @@ class DRbEx
+ class BO < ::BasicObject
+ def foo; 1 end
+ protected def prot; 2; end
+ private def priv; 3; end
+ end
+ def basic_object
+ end
def unknown_class