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* ruby.c (usage_msg): Fix typo [ruby-core:49205] [Bug #7327]
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--- a/ruby.c
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@@ -160,7 +160,7 @@ usage(const char *name, int help)
M("-l", "", "enable line ending processing"),
M("-n", "", "assume 'while gets(); ... end' loop around your script"),
M("-p", "", "assume loop like -n but print line also like sed"),
- M("-rlibrary", "", "require the library, before executing your script"),
+ M("-rlibrary", "", "require the library before executing your script"),
M("-s", "", "enable some switch parsing for switches after script name"),
M("-S", "", "look for the script using PATH environment variable"),
M("-T[level=1]", "", "turn on tainting checks"),