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Add word "Euler's number" to Math::E docs
When searching for this constant, I landed on the correct page however I was using CMD+f to search for "Euler" and did not find it. If we add the full name for this constant then it will be easier to search for and find.
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diff --git a/math.c b/math.c
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--- a/math.c
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@@ -982,7 +982,7 @@ InitVM_Math(void)
rb_define_const(rb_mMath, "PI", DBL2NUM(M_PI));
#ifdef M_E
- /* Definition of the mathematical constant E (e) as a Float number. */
+ /* Definition of the mathematical constant for Euler's number E (e) as a Float number. */
rb_define_const(rb_mMath, "E", DBL2NUM(M_E));
rb_define_const(rb_mMath, "E", DBL2NUM(exp(1.0)));