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authorYusuke Endoh <>2020-05-13 01:17:30 +0900
committerYusuke Endoh <>2020-05-13 01:17:30 +0900
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ext/fiddle/extconf.rb: check if ffi_closure_alloc is available
to define HAVE_FFI_CLOSURE_ALLOC. The macro is used in closure.c, so have_func check is needed. If pkg-config is not installed, extconf.rb fails to detect the version of libffi, and does not add "-DUSE_FFI_CLOSURE_ALLOC=1" even when system libffi version is >= 3.2. If USE_FFI_CLOSURE_ALLOC is not defined, closure.c attempts to check if HAVE_FFI_CLOSURE_ALLOC is defined or not, but have_func was removed with 528a3a17977aa1843a26630c96635c3cb161e729, so the macro is always not defined. This resulted in this deprecation warning: ``` compiling closure.c closure.c: In function 'initialize': closure.c:265:5: warning: 'ffi_prep_closure' is deprecated: use ffi_prep_closure_loc instead [-Wdeprecated-declarations] 265 | result = ffi_prep_closure(pcl, cif, callback, (void *)self); | ^~~~~~ In file included from ./fiddle.h:42, from closure.c:1: /usr/include/x86_64-linux-gnu/ffi.h:334:1: note: declared here 334 | ffi_prep_closure (ffi_closure*, | ^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ```
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diff --git a/ext/fiddle/extconf.rb b/ext/fiddle/extconf.rb
index 0f06b7ff69..120c4ce7b4 100644
--- a/ext/fiddle/extconf.rb
+++ b/ext/fiddle/extconf.rb
@@ -122,6 +122,8 @@ end
when $mswin, $mingw, (ver && (ver <=> [3, 2]) >= 0)
+ have_func('ffi_closure_alloc', ffi_header)
have_header 'sys/mman.h'