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* ext/socket/mkconstants.rb: More constants
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diff --git a/ext/socket/mkconstants.rb b/ext/socket/mkconstants.rb
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--- a/ext/socket/mkconstants.rb
+++ b/ext/socket/mkconstants.rb
@@ -569,6 +569,8 @@ SO_DONTROUTE nil Use interface addresses
SO_BROADCAST nil Permit sending of broadcast messages
SO_SNDBUF nil Send buffer size
SO_RCVBUF nil Receive buffer size
+SO_SNDBUFFORCE nil Send buffer size without wmem_max limit (Linux 2.6.14)
+SO_RCVBUFFORCE nil Receive buffer size without rmem_max limit (Linux 2.6.14)
SO_KEEPALIVE nil Keep connections alive
SO_OOBINLINE nil Leave received out-of-band data in-line
SO_NO_CHECK nil Disable checksums
SO_BINDTODEVICE nil Only send packets from the given interface
SO_ATTACH_FILTER nil Attach an accept filter
SO_DETACH_FILTER nil Detach an accept filter
+SO_GET_FILTER nil Obtain filter set by SO_ATTACH_FILTER (Linux 3.8)
SO_PEERNAME nil Name of the connecting user
SO_TIMESTAMP nil Receive timestamp with datagrams (timeval)
SO_TIMESTAMPNS nil Receive nanosecond timestamp with datagrams (timespec)
@@ -602,6 +605,21 @@ SO_BINTIME nil Receive timestamp with datagrams (bintime)
SO_RECVUCRED nil Receive user credentials with datagram
SO_MAC_EXEMPT nil Mandatory Access Control exemption for unlabeled peers
SO_ALLZONES nil Bypass zone boundaries
+SO_PEERSEC nil Obtain the security credentials (Linux 2.6.2)
+SO_PASSSEC nil Toggle security context passing (Linux 2.6.18)
+SO_MARK nil Set the mark for mark-based routing (Linux 2.6.25)
+SO_TIMESTAMPING nil Time stamping of incoming and outgoing packets (Linux 2.6.30)
+SO_PROTOCOL nil Protocol given for socket() (Linux 2.6.32)
+SO_DOMAIN nil Domain given for socket() (Linux 2.6.32)
+SO_RXQ_OVFL nil Toggle cmsg for number of packets dropped (Linux 2.6.33)
+SO_WIFI_STATUS nil Toggle cmsg for wifi status (Linux 3.3)
+SO_PEEK_OFF nil Set the peek offset (Linux 3.4)
+SO_NOFCS nil Set netns of a socket (Linux 3.4)
+SO_LOCK_FILTER nil Lock the filter attached to a socket (Linux 3.9)
+SO_SELECT_ERR_QUEUE nil Make select() detect socket error queue with errorfds (Linux 3.10)
+SO_BUSY_POLL nil Set the threshold in microseconds for low latency polling (Linux 3.11)
+SO_MAX_PACING_RATE nil Cap the rate computed by transport layer. [bytes per second] (Linux 3.13)
+SO_BPF_EXTENSIONS nil Query supported BPF extensions (Linux 3.14)
SOPRI_INTERACTIVE nil Interactive socket priority
SOPRI_NORMAL nil Normal socket priority
@@ -715,10 +733,12 @@ SOMAXCONN 5 Maximum connection requests that may be queued for a socket
SCM_RIGHTS nil Access rights
SCM_TIMESTAMP nil Timestamp (timeval)
SCM_TIMESTAMPNS nil Timespec (timespec)
+SCM_TIMESTAMPING nil Timestamp (timespec list) (Linux 2.6.30)
SCM_BINTIME nil Timestamp (bintime)
SCM_CREDENTIALS nil The sender's credentials
SCM_CREDS nil Process credentials
SCM_UCRED nil User credentials
+SCM_WIFI_STATUS nil Wifi status (Linux 3.3)
LOCAL_PEERCRED nil Retrieve peer credentials
LOCAL_CREDS nil Pass credentials to receiver