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decouple internal.h headers
Saves comitters' daily life by avoid #include-ing everything from internal.h to make each file do so instead. This would significantly speed up incremental builds. We take the following inclusion order in this changeset: 1. "ruby/config.h", where _GNU_SOURCE is defined (must be the very first thing among everything). 2. RUBY_EXTCONF_H if any. 3. Standard C headers, sorted alphabetically. 4. Other system headers, maybe guarded by #ifdef 5. Everything else, sorted alphabetically. Exceptions are those win32-related headers, which tend not be self- containing (headers have inclusion order dependencies).
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diff --git a/ext/-test-/rational/rat.c b/ext/-test-/rational/rat.c
index 772546fca8..01388346f7 100644
--- a/ext/-test-/rational/rat.c
+++ b/ext/-test-/rational/rat.c
@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
-#include "internal.h"
+#include "internal/rational.h"
#if defined(HAVE_LIBGMP) && defined(HAVE_GMP_H)
static VALUE