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authorKoichi Sasada <>2019-11-29 17:39:06 +0900
committerKoichi Sasada <>2019-11-29 17:47:02 +0900
commit36da0b3da1aed77e0dffb3f54038f01ff574972b (patch)
treec314267b99a363bdd97e8025bbc586d2be8c333c /enum.c
parentc4686b92359d298f281f3943ba205858e183e7af (diff)
check interrupts at each frame pop timing.
Asynchronous events such as signal trap, finalization timing, thread switching and so on are managed by "interrupt_flag". Ruby's threads check this flag periodically and if a thread does not check this flag, above events doesn't happen. This checking is CHECK_INTS() (related) macro and it is placed at some places (laeve instruction and so on). However, at the end of C methods, C blocks (IMEMO_IFUNC) etc there are no checking and it can introduce uninterruptible thread. To modify this situation, we decide to place CHECK_INTS() at vm_pop_frame(). It increases interrupt checking points. [Bug #16366] This patch can introduce unexpected events...
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diff --git a/enum.c b/enum.c
index a411449..7606e58 100644
--- a/enum.c
+++ b/enum.c
@@ -543,7 +543,6 @@ collect_i(RB_BLOCK_CALL_FUNC_ARGLIST(i, ary))
static VALUE
collect_all(RB_BLOCK_CALL_FUNC_ARGLIST(i, ary))
- rb_thread_check_ints();
rb_ary_push(ary, rb_enum_values_pack(argc, argv));
return Qnil;
@@ -663,14 +662,12 @@ static VALUE
enum_to_h_i(RB_BLOCK_CALL_FUNC_ARGLIST(i, hash))
- rb_thread_check_ints();
return rb_hash_set_pair(hash, i);
static VALUE
enum_to_h_ii(RB_BLOCK_CALL_FUNC_ARGLIST(i, hash))
- rb_thread_check_ints();
return rb_hash_set_pair(hash, rb_yield_values2(argc, argv));