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== Scope
-You may only activate refinements at top-level to the end of the file or in a
+You may activate refinements at top-level to the end of the file or in a
string passed to Kernel#eval, Kernel#instance_eval or Kernel#module_eval until
the end of the string.
@@ -186,6 +186,25 @@ called:
p [{1=>2}, {3=>4}].to_json # prints "[{\"1\":2},{\"3\":4}]"
+You may also activate refinements in a class or module definition, in which
+case the refinements are activated from the point where using is called to
+the end of the class or module definition:
+ # not activated here
+ class Foo
+ # not activated here
+ using M
+ # activated here
+ def foo
+ # activated here
+ end
+ # activated here
+ end
+ # not activated here
+Note that the refinements in M are not activated automatically even if the class
+Foo is reopened later.
== Method Lookup
When looking up a method for an instance of class +C+ Ruby checks:
@@ -232,6 +251,12 @@ method lookup.
This behavior may be changed in the future.
+== Refinements and module inclusion
+Refinements are inherited by module inclusion. That is, using activates all
+refinements in the ancestors of the specified module. Refinements in a
+descendant have priority over refinements in an ancestor.
== Further Reading
See for the