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@@ -296,7 +296,7 @@ Now let's build CRuby:
mkdir build && cd build # its good practice to build outside of source dir
mkdir ~/.rubies # we will install to .rubies/ruby-trunk in our home dir
../configure --prefix="${HOME}/.rubies/ruby-trunk"
- make && make install
+ make up && make install
After adding Ruby to your PATH, you should be ready to run the test suite:
@@ -311,12 +311,24 @@ This is also how you can run a specific test from our build dir:
make test-all TESTS=drb/test_drb.rb
+You can run +test+ and +test-all+ at once by +check+ .
+ make check
For older versions of Ruby you will need to run the build setup again after
checking out the associated branch in git, for example if you wanted to
checkout 1.9.3:
git clone git:// --branch ruby_1_9_3
+Once you checked out the source code, you can update the local copy by:
+ make up
+Or, update, build, install and check, by just:
+ make love
== Contributing Documentation
If you're interested in contributing documentation directly to CRuby there is