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@@ -111,6 +111,18 @@ like a single-quote string (no interpolation or character escaping) while
<tt>%Q</tt> behaves as a double-quote string. See Percent Strings below for
more discussion of the syntax of percent strings.
+Adjacent string literals are automatically concatenated by the interpreter:
+ "con" "cat" "en" "at" "ion" #=> "concatenation"
+ "This string contains "\
+ "no newlines." #=> "This string contains no newlines."
+Any combination of adjacent single-quote, double-quote, percent strings will
+be concatenated as long as a percent-string is not last.
+ %q{a} 'b' "c" #=> "abc"
+ "a" 'b' %q{c} #=> NameError: uninitialized constant q
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