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+# ruby/benchmark
+This directory has benchmark definitions to be run with
+## Normal usage
+Execute `gem install benchmark-driver` and run a command like:
+# Run a benchmark script with the ruby in the $PATH
+benchmark-driver benchmark/erb_render.yml
+# Run all benchmark scripts with multiple Ruby executables or options
+benchmark-driver benchmark/*.yml -e /path/to/ruby -e '/path/to/ruby,--jit'
+# Or compare Ruby versions managed by rbenv
+benchmark-driver benchmark/*.yml --rbenv '2.5.1;2.6.0-preview2,--jit'
+## make benchmark
+Using `make benchmark`, `make update-benchmark-driver` automatically downloads
+the supported version of benchmark-driver, and it runs benchmarks with the downloaded
+# Run all benchmarks with the ruby in the $PATH and the built ruby
+make benchmark
+# Or compare with specific ruby binary
+make benchmark COMPARE_RUBY="/path/to/ruby --jit"
+# You can specify any option via $OPTS
+make benchmark OPTS="--help"
+## make benchmark-each
+`make benchmark-each` is similar to `make benchmark`, but it allows to execute
+some specific benchmarks.
+# Run vm1 benchmarks
+make benchmark-each ITEM=vm1
+# Match erb but exclude app_erb to run only erb_render
+make benchmark-each ITEM=erb OPTS="--exclude=app_erb"
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#!/usr/bin/env ruby
-# Ruby Benchmark driver
+# Wrapper of benchmark-driver command for `make benchmark` and `make benchmark-each`.