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benchmark/ some are defined with YAML [ci skip]
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@@ -11,14 +11,17 @@ Execute `gem install benchmark_driver` and run a command like:
# Run a benchmark script with the ruby in the $PATH
benchmark-driver benchmark/app_fib.rb
-# Run all benchmark scripts with multiple Ruby executables or options
-benchmark-driver benchmark/*.yml -e /path/to/ruby -e '/path/to/ruby --jit'
+# Run benchmark scripts with multiple Ruby executables or options
+benchmark-driver benchmark/*.rb -e /path/to/ruby -e '/path/to/ruby --jit'
# Or compare Ruby versions managed by rbenv
-benchmark-driver benchmark/*.yml --rbenv '2.5.1;2.6.0-preview2 --jit'
+benchmark-driver benchmark/*.rb --rbenv '2.5.1;2.6.0-preview2 --jit'
# You can collect many metrics in many ways
-benchmark-driver benchmark/*.yml --runner memory --output markdown
+benchmark-driver benchmark/*.rb --runner memory --output markdown
+# Some are defined with YAML for complex setup or accurate measurement
+benchmark-driver benchmark/*.yml
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