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2009-01-15* tool/file2lastrev.rb: RUBY_REVISION must be an integer.akr
2009-01-14* enc/trans/gb18030.trans: get rid of a 1.9 feature for crossnobu
2009-01-14* enc/trans/gb18030.trans, gb18030-tbl.rb:duerst
2009-01-13* tool/file2lastrev.rb (get_revisions): fixes problem withyugui
2009-01-01* tool/flie2lastrev.rb: supports git repositories which are clonedyugui
2008-12-31* tool/file2lastrev.rb: unset PWD.nobu
2008-12-24* tool/file2lastrev.rb (get_revisions): fix to ignore end of line.ko1
2008-12-23 * tool/file2lastrev.rb: shouldn't use single quote in shell's commandusa
2008-12-23* tool/file2lastrev.rb: detects vcs directory properly on buildingyugui
2008-12-22* new file. Template of a configuration file foryugui
2008-12-08* tool/make-snapshot (package): in snapshot is dummy and shouldnobu
2008-12-06* tool/make-snapshot (package): added RM and CP. [ruby-dev:37288]nobu
2008-11-06* tool/make-snapshot: binary encoding spec is no longer needed in 1.9.nobu
2008-10-28* tool/make-snapshot.rb: merged from ruby_1_9_1.yugui
2008-10-28* tool/make-snapshot: use String#bytesize.nobu
2008-10-25* ($MANTYPE): followed ruby.1, which had moved.yugui
2008-10-21* mdoc2man.rb: moved into tools/.yugui
2008-10-19* tool/generic_erb.rb: sends the result to stdout if no output option.nobu
2008-10-19* (srcs): removed ID_H_TARGET.nobu
2008-10-18* keywords, lex.c.src, opt_insn_unif.def, opt_operand.def: moved rarely changedyugui
2008-10-18* tool/transcode-tblgen.rb: added set_valid_byte_patternduerst
2008-10-17* (ID_H_TARGET): phony target to update id.h.nobu
2008-10-17 * tool/insns2vm.rb: remove -Kn option in shebang line because it'susa
2008-10-14* enc/trans/single_byte.trans: added windows-1252duerst
2008-09-26* (dist): nothing is need to run BASERUBY.nobu
2008-09-26* error.c (Init_syserr): moved to the template.yugui
2008-09-15* transcode_data.h (STR1_LENGTH): defined.akr
2008-09-10* tool/compile_prelude.rb: print "<internal:prelude>" instead ofmame
2008-09-09* tool/transcode-tblgen.rb (StrSet#hash): cache hash value.akr
2008-09-08* include/ruby/encoding.h (rb_econv_asciicompat_encoding): renamedakr
2008-09-08* tool/transcode-tblgen.rb (ArrayCode): less string substitutions.akr
2008-09-07* tool/transcode-tblgen.rb (transcode_tblgen): log message refined.akr
2008-09-07* enc/trans/escape.trans: use transcode_tblgen.akr
2008-09-07* tool/transcode-tblgen.rb (ActionMap#str_name): new method toakr
2008-09-07* tool/transcode-tblgen.rb (ActionMap#generate_info): use a memo toakr
2008-09-07* transcode_data.h (STR1): defined for a string up to 255 bytes.akr
2008-09-07* tool/transcode-tblgen.rb: o4 is usable only if the first byte isakr
2008-09-05* tool/transcode-tblgen.rb (StrSet.parse): accept upper caseakr
2008-09-04* tool/transcode-tblgen.rb (citrus_decode_mapsrc): support older 1.8.nobu
2008-09-03* transcode_data.h (rb_transcoding): remove stateful field.akr
2008-09-03* transcode_data.h (WORDINDEX_SHIFT_BITS): defined.akr
2008-09-03* transcode_data.h (rb_transcoder): new field: byte_array_length andakr
2008-09-03* tool/transcode-tblgen.rb (ArrayCode): new class.akr
2008-09-03* tool/transcode-tblgen.rb (ActionMap#gen_array_code): extracted fromakr
2008-09-02* transcode_data.h (base_element): removed.akr
2008-09-02* tool/transcode-tblgen.rb: add prefix for byte_array and word_array.akr
2008-09-01* tool/transcode-tblgen.rb: comment removed in generated code.akr
2008-09-01* tool/transcode-tblgen.rb: define TRANSCODE_TABLE_INFO in generatedakr
2008-09-01* tool/transcode-tblgen.rb: record infos and BYTE_LOOKUPs as index ofakr
2008-09-01* tool/transcode-tblgen.rb: don't need to cast offsets array.akr