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2016-04-18numeric.c: update doc [ci skip]nobu
2016-04-13numeric.c: flo_ceilnobu
2016-04-13numeric.c: flo_floornobu
2016-04-13numeric.c: int_ceilnobu
2016-04-13numeric.c: int_floornobu
2016-04-13numeric.c: int_round_zero_pnobu
2016-04-13numeric.c: float_invariant_roundnobu
2016-04-03numeric.c: dbl2ival no longer roundsnobu
2016-04-02numeric.c: move declaration [ci skip]nobu
2016-04-02numeric.c: prefer rb_check_aritynobu
2016-03-28* numeric.c (int_pos_p): fix typos.kazu
2016-03-26numeric.c: rb_int2strnobu
2016-03-26numeric.c: rb_int_roundnobu
2016-03-26numeric.c: basic arithmeticnobu
2016-03-26numeric.c: Fixnum predictsnobu
2016-03-21* internal.h (rb_fix_divmod_fix): like r54213, use FIX2NUM only ifnaruse
2016-03-20* internal.h (DLONG): defined if long is 32bit (and LONG_LONG is 64bit;naruse
2016-03-20numeric.c: optimize Fixnum<->Bignum comparisonsnobu
2016-03-19fix r54193nobu
2016-03-19* numeric.c (fix_cmp): use rb_big_cmp if x is Fixnum and y is Bignum.naruse
2016-03-19* numeric.c (int_to_f): raise NotImplementedError when a receivermrkn
2016-03-19* bignum.c (Bignum#<=>): remove it because they are unified withmrkn
2016-03-18* bignum.c (rb_big_to_f, Bignum#to_f): removed them because they aremrkn
2016-03-18* numeric.c (int_to_f, fix_to_f): rename fix_to_f to int_to_f, and addmrkn
2016-03-18* bignum.c (Bignum#eql?): remove its definition because it is unifiedmrkn
2016-03-18* bignum.c (rb_big_to_s, Bignum#to_s): remove its definition becausemrkn
2016-03-18* numeric.c (int_to_s): Move from flo_to_s.mrkn
2016-03-17* numeric.c (fix_zero_p, fix_even_p, fix_odd_p): remove needlessmrkn
2016-03-17* numeric.c (int_even_p): treat Fixnum and Bignum values directly.mrkn
2016-03-17* bignum.c (Bignum#even?, Bignum#odd?): remove definitionsmrkn
2016-03-17* numeric.c (num_step): use rb_equal for zero check. rb_num_coerce_cmpmame
2016-03-17* enum.c (enum_inject): Implement the specialized code for sum ofakr
2016-03-14* numeric.c (fix2str): improve r54092 like rb_int2big().naruse
2016-03-13numeric.c: fix edge casenobu
2016-03-08* intern.h (rb_divmod): assume compilers `/` and `%` comply C99naruse
2016-02-26numeric.c: wrong type step should raise TypeErrornobu
2016-02-24numeric.c: micro optimizationsnobu
2016-02-17numeric.c: adjust typesnobu
2016-02-17numeric.c: adjust typesnobu
2016-02-16numeric.c: fix segfaultnobu
2015-12-14* enum.c: fix a typo in documentation.hsbt
2015-10-18* numeric.c: Good-by Borland-C.kosaki
2015-10-12numeric.c: use predefined IDsnobu
2015-10-12numeric.c: common expressionsnobu
2015-10-10* vm_eval.c, internal.h (rb_yield_1): added for performance whichko1
2015-10-05* remove trailing spaces.svn
2015-10-05* numeric.c: [DOC] Overview for Numeric class by Joe Corcoranzzak
2015-09-28preserve encodings in error messagesnobu
2015-08-11* numeric.c (Init_Numeric): Fix document for Float::MIN andakr
2015-07-22fix doc for Numeric#coerce [ci skip]nobu