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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2005-06-30* eval.c (rb_eval): pre-evaluate argument for unambiguousmatz
2005-06-25* lib/set.rb (Set#==): [ruby-dev:25206] (ported from ruby_1_8 branch)ocean
2005-05-29add a test for [ruby-dev:26127].akr
2005-03-04* array.c: replace rb_protect_inspect() and rb_inspecting_p() bymatz
2004-12-15* lib/set.rb (Set#==): [ruby-dev:25206]matz
2004-10-23* ext/zlib/zlib.c (zstream_append_input): clear klass for z->inputmatz
2004-04-18* dln.c, io.c, pack.c, lib/benchmark.rb, lib/cgi.rb, lib/csv.rb,nobu
2004-02-05* lib/prettyprint.rb (PrettyPrint#seplist): added.akr
2003-10-17Reword and fix Overview.knu
2003-09-19Minor documentation improvementsgsinclair
2003-09-19Improved documentationgsinclair
2003-09-19Small documentation correctiongsinclair
2003-07-27* lib/set.rb: each() should return self.knu
2003-01-21Small changes to documentation.gsinclair
2003-01-21Correct descriptions of {proper_,}{superset,subset}?.knu
2003-01-21Very slight improvement to documentation.gsinclair
2002-12-24Convert RD to Rdoc.knu
2002-12-07Teach eval the correct line number to report.knu
2002-11-09* lib/set.rb: retire contain?() and add superset?(),knu
2002-11-07* class.c (rb_define_method): do not set NOEX_CFUNC if klass ismatz
2002-10-02use Object#class instead of deprecated Object#type.nobu
2002-09-20* lib/set.rb: Merge rough/lib/set.rb rev.1.5-1.15.knu
2002-09-11* pp.rb (ARGF.pretty_print): implemented.akr
2002-09-07Use Enumerable#all? to optimize a bit.knu
2002-09-07* lib/set.rb: Disallow Add even more tests.knu
2002-09-07* lib/set.rb: Fix a bug in flatten()'s recursive set detection.knu
2002-09-04- ==(o) should be aware of all the Set variant instances, not justknu
2002-08-30Add set.rb.knu