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2017-04-21Removed mathn.rb from stdlib. It's deprecated from Ruby 2.2.hsbt
2017-04-20Removed math mode from irb.hsbt
2017-04-20Removed deprecated extensions of mathn.hsbt
2017-04-10doc/extension.rdoc: rb_str_append grammar fixstomar
2017-04-10extension.rdoc: rb_str_append [ci skip]nobu
2017-04-10extension.rdoc: fix rb_enc_str_new_literalnobu
2017-04-06Update library entry for stringio and fiddle.hsbt
2017-04-03Add IO#pread and IO#pwrite methodsnobu
2017-04-01doc/contributors.rdoc: [DOC] updatestomar
2017-04-01array.c: Array#append and Array#prependnobu
2017-03-29methods.rdoc: small improvementsstomar
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