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stardard output. If _output_ is <tt>stderr</tt>, or if it is
missing, then the backtrace output is sent to standard error.
-[<tt>--classic-namespace</tt> (-n)]
- Import the Task, FileTask, and FileCreateTask into the top-level
- scope to be compatible with older versions of Rake. Alternatively
- you can include the line <code>require
- 'rake/classic_namespace'</code> in your Rakefile to get the
- classic behavior.
Used in combination with the -W options to force the output to
contain commented options only. This is the reverse of
@@ -102,16 +95,6 @@ Options are:
[<tt>--rakelibdir</tt> _rakelibdir_ (-R)]
Auto-import any .rake files in RAKELIBDIR. (default is 'rakelib')
- Remove the DSL commands from the Object inheritance hierarchy and
- do not define top level constants. This reduces the backwards
- compatibility of Rake, but allows rake to be used with software
- that would otherwise have conflicting definitions.
- *NOTE:* The next major version of Rake will only be able to be run
- in "reduce-compat" mode.
[<tt>--require</tt> _name_ (-r)]
Require _name_ before executing the Rakefile.