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2006-12-21* instruby.rb, mkconfig.rb, rubytest.rb, bcc32/mkexports.rb, win32/{resource,...nobu
2006-10-30* dir.c (glob_helper): get rid of possible memory leak.nobu
2006-10-18* win32/win32.c (rb_w32_utime): allow NULL to set the current time.nobu
2006-10-15* mkconfig.rb: *OBJS are not needed for extension libraries.nobu
2006-10-10* {bcc32,win32,wince}/Makefile.sub (config.status): shouldn't useusa
2006-10-01*,, ext/extmk.rb, win{32,ce}/ keepnobu
2006-09-26* win32/Makefile.sub (CPP): check predefined value.usa
2006-09-20* {bcc32,win32,wince}/Makefile.sub (INSTALLED_LIST): need to defineusa
2006-09-08*, win32/Makefile.sub (MINIRUBY): append MINIRUBYOPT.nobu
2006-09-08* win32/Makefile.sub, win32/configure.bat win32/setup.mak: programnobu
2006-08-19* win32/Makefile.sub (config.status): include winsock2.h instead ofusa
2006-08-16* win32/win32.h: removed an excess macro. fixed: [ruby-dev:29258]nobu
2006-08-01* win32/win32.c (init_stdhandle): assign standard file handles.nobu
2006-07-31* win32/win32.c (exit_handler): new function; release winsock andusa
2006-07-18* win32/win32.c (open_ifs_socket): should not use plain malloc.usa
2006-06-27* win32/win32.h: define isascii on MinGW for msvcrt compatibility.eban
2006-06-26* win32/win32.[ch] (rb_w32_send, rb_w32_sendto): constified.usa
2006-06-11* win32/win32.h (write): not need to define on bcc.usa
2006-06-08* win32/win32.[ch] (rb_w32_read, rb_w32_write): new functions.usa
2006-06-07* win32/win32.c (errmap): add some winsock errors.usa
2006-06-07* win32/configure.bat: add help message.usa
2006-06-07* add new configure option `--with-winsock2' for mingw.usa
2006-06-07* win32/{configure.bat, setup.mak, Makefile.sub, win32.h}: addusa
2006-06-01* win32/win32.c (rb_w32_cmdvector): backslashes inside single-quotesnobu
2006-06-01* win32/win32.c (rb_w32_getcwd): runtime's getcwd() will not successusa
2006-06-01* win32/win32.c (rb_w32_getcwd): set errno if not set.usa
2006-05-25* ruby.h, lib/mkmf.rb (create_header): clear command line options fornobu
2006-05-24* mkconfig.rb: merge multiple entries to an entry with multiple lines.nobu
2006-03-02* win32/win32.c (filetime_to_unixtime): should set tm_isdst to -1.ocean
2006-02-24* time.c (time_new_internal): add prototype to tell the compilerusa
2006-02-20* (mingw): have link.usa
2006-02-14* time.c (search_time_t): support non 32bit time_t environments.usa
2006-02-04* win32/win32.c (LK_ERR): ERROR_NOT_LOCKED is not an error.usa
2006-01-17* win32/setup.mak (MAKE): workaround for nmake 8.usa
2006-01-17* win32/{Makefile.sub,setup.mak}: invoke .bat via shell. workaroundusa
2006-01-09* win32/Makefile.sub (OPTFLAGS): I have experienced trouble on y- flag,ocean
2006-01-06* win32/win32.c (ioinfo): revert previous commit. sorry.usa
2006-01-05* win32/win32.c (ioinfo): VC++8 support, forgotten to commit.usa
2006-01-01* win32/win32.c (rb_w32_seekdir): should not segfault even if passedocean
2005-12-30* win32/Makefile.sub: VC++8 support.nobu
2005-12-29* file.c (eaccess): workaround for VC++8 runtime.usa
2005-11-28* win32/win32.c (rb_w32_strerror): remove all CR and LF. (avoid brokenocean
2005-11-22* file.c (test_identical): test if two files are identical.nobu
2005-11-22* win32/win32.c (winnt_stat): set mapped errno instead of ENOENT.ocean
2005-11-22* win32/win32.c (rb_w32_stat): Dir.chdir('//server/shared');ocean
2005-11-21* win32/ findstr doesn't exist on win9x.ocean
2005-11-18* win32/win32.h (S_IFIFO): r,w = IO.pipe; r.stat.pipe? nowocean
2005-10-25* (RUBY_EXTERN): macro to export symbols in sharednobu
2005-10-14* win32/win32.c (ioctl): should set errno.usa
2005-09-15* win32/win32.h (rb_w32_stat): added prototype.ocean