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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-11-07Expand MJIT_CC on mswin toonobu
2018-10-20support --disable-mjit-support on mswin32/64.ko1
2018-10-20fix macro-name.ko1
2018-10-20fix MJIT_SUPPORT on win32.ko1
2018-10-20rename configure option `--disable-mjit` to `--disable-mjit-support`ko1 add --disable-install-mjit-headerk0kubun
2018-10-13Define PRIdPTR etcnobu
2018-10-13win32/win32.c: fix typo in comment [ci skip]k0kubun
2018-10-13win32/win32.c: I meant FindFreeChildSlot [ci skip]k0kubun
2018-10-13win32/win32.c: don't call FindChildSlot in MJITk0kubun
2018-10-12* expand tabs.svn
2018-10-12win32/win32.c: drop always-NULL psa parameterk0kubun
2018-10-12mjit_worker.c: suppress child process's output properlyk0kubun
2018-10-11win32/Makefile.sub: generate MJIT header pdbk0kubun
2018-10-11win32/Makefile.sub: install MJIT header and objectk0kubun
2018-10-08revert r64947 and r64949k0kubun
2018-10-07win32/Makefile.sub: create header install dir firstk0kubun
2018-10-07win32/Makefile.sub: install precompiled header to prefixk0kubun
2018-10-04Support ubasecrt.dll 10.0.17763.1 included in Windows 10 October 2018 Updateusa
2018-09-21Suppress more -Wparentheses warningsnobu
2018-08-16Makefile.sub: remove -DRUBY_EXPORT overridden by -U optionnobu
2018-08-07win32/Makefile.sub: escape `=` in MJIT cflagsk0kubun
2018-08-07win32/Makefile.sub: remove RUBY_EXPORT macrok0kubun
2018-08-05mjit.c: link precompiled objectk0kubun
2018-08-05mjit.c: initialize prebuilt precompiled headerk0kubun
2018-08-04win32/Makefile.sub: build precompiled headerk0kubun
2018-07-31mjit.c: allow using MJIT header in build directoryk0kubun
2018-07-29mkexports.rb: flip-flopnobu
2018-07-28win32.c: limit write size on consolenobu codesign ruby-runner toonobu
2018-07-08benchmark: introduce benchmark_driver.gemk0kubun
2018-07-05Revert "get rid of a compiler warning of VC"normal
2018-07-05unrevert r63852 but keep SIGCHLD path disabled for win32normal
2018-07-04Revert r63758 and related commitsnaruse
2018-07-02get rid of a compiler warning of VCusa
2018-06-22remove DISABLE_RUBYGEMS from config filesnobu
2018-06-15win32/Makefile.sub: gettimeofday is defined in win32.cnobu
2018-06-12win32.c: precise timenobu
2018-05-20goruby build was brokenusa
2018-05-20goruby build was brokenusa
2018-04-28mjit_config.h: expand min header namenobu
2018-04-26win32/Makefile.sub: LIBDIR_BASENAMEnobu
2018-04-22made *.cmd excutablenobu
2018-04-18win32.c: fix CSI sequences to deletenobu
2018-04-12[DOC] Add win32/README.win32 to .documentkazu
2018-04-03removed never used variablenobu
2018-03-28win32/file.c: relative path with drive letternobu
2018-03-19* win32/README.win32: `make up` is only necessary when building from SVN source.usa
2018-03-19note that patch is required and need to run make up before makeusa
2018-03-15win32/configure.bat: stop when setup failednobu