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2015-06-30* win32/file.c (rb_freopen): need to terminate by NUL.usa
2015-06-30io.c: reopen OS encoding pathnobu
2015-06-22win32.c: use numberofnobu
2015-06-18* include/ruby/ruby.h: $SAFE=2 is now obsolete.hsbt
2015-06-14file.c: open without gvlnobu
2015-06-13* file.c (rb_stat_ino): get inode from the interval of struct st.naruse
2015-06-12* file.c (File::SHARE_DELETE): new flag to be able to delete opened fileusa
2015-05-25* win32/win32.c (setup_overlapped): seek to the file end only whennaruse
2015-05-23win32.c: suppress a warningnobu
2015-05-22* win32/win32.c (rb_w32_write_console): should return the count ofusa
2015-05-22* win32/win32.c (constat_apply): fixed comment. [skip ci]usa
2015-05-18intern.h: rb_f_notimplement for ext on Windowsnobu
2015-05-16* win32/win32.c (rb_w32_accept): simplified.usa
2015-05-01dln.c: fix EXTERNAL_PREFIXnobu
2015-05-01Makefile.sub: EXPORT_PREFIXnobu
2015-05-01Makefile.sub: EXPORT_PREFIXnobu
2015-04-24* win32/win32.c: restore a license comment accidentally removed at r50381.usa
2015-04-24win32.c: fix for mingwnobu
2015-04-24* win32/win32.c (rb_w32_{getc,putc}): removed. they are needed for oldusa
2015-04-23* win32/win32.c: remove bcc related code.naruse
2015-04-23* win32/win32.c (rb_acrt_lowio_lock_fh): wrap _pioinfo(i)->lock.naruse
2015-04-23* win32/win32.c (_filbuf): msvc14 doesn't have it, use _fgetc_nolock.naruse
2015-04-23* win32/win32.c (dupfd): use _set_osfhnd.naruse
2015-04-23* win32/Makefile.sub: MSVC14 have struct timespec.naruse
2015-04-20* win32/win32.c (rb_w32_wreadlink): follow the official format ofusa
2015-04-20* win32/win32.c (rb_w32_wreadlink): fixed a bug that a junktion missesusa
2015-04-10mkmf.rb: fix werror optionnobu
2015-04-10* win32/Makefile.sub (WERRORFLAG): typo.usa
2015-04-10ext/date: reject unknown compiler optionnobu
2015-04-08* win32/win32.c (rb_w32_wreadlink): should treat junctions like asusa
2015-04-04stub.o: under win32nobu
2015-04-04stub.c: utf-8nobu
2015-04-04stub.c: use argv[0] unchangednobu
2015-03-30win32.c: symlink than directorynobu
2015-03-30file.c: include terminatornobu
2015-03-23file.c: move rb_readlink on Windowsnobu
2015-03-23win32.c: readlinknobu
2015-03-23win32.c: fix DLL namenobu
2015-03-23win32.c: w32_lstati64nobu
2015-03-22file.c: check arguments lengthsnobu
2015-03-22win32.c: path_drivenobu
2015-03-22win32.c: stat_by_findnobu
2015-03-22win32.c: stati64_handlenobu
2015-03-22win32.c: name_for_statnobu
2015-03-19win32.c: S_IFLNKnobu
2015-03-19win32.c: no S_IWGRP and S_IWOTHnobu
2015-03-14dir.h: direct::d_typenobu
2015-03-08dir.c: glob short namesnobu
2015-03-08miniinit.c: minimum built-in encodings in minirubynobu
2015-03-08Makefile.sub: RUBY_PROGRAM_VERSIONnobu