path: root/win32/setup.mak
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2006-09-08* win32/Makefile.sub, win32/configure.bat win32/setup.mak: programnobu
2006-05-24* mkconfig.rb: merge multiple entries to an entry with multiple lines.nobu
2006-01-17* win32/setup.mak (MAKE): workaround for nmake 8.usa
2005-11-21* win32/ findstr doesn't exist on win9x.ocean
2005-10-14* win32/Makefile.sub (MKFILES): update MKFILES if configure files getnobu
2005-04-27* win32/Makefile.sub (OPTFLAGS): default global optimization tonobu
2005-04-19* {bcc32,win32,wince}/configure.bat, {bcc32,win32,wince}/setup.mak:nobu
2005-04-13* (mingw32): use actual runtime DLL name as ruby DLLnobu
2005-04-02* wince/configure.bat, wince/setup.mak: add prefix, extstatic andnobu
2004-11-16* {bcc32,win32,wince}/setup.mak (-epilogue-): fix bug of previous commit.usa
2004-11-16* {bcc32,win32,wince}/setup.mak (-epilogue-): remove config.h andusa
2004-06-24* win32/setup.mak: remove RUBY_EXTERN lines when including version.h.usa
2004-03-01* bcc32/setup.mak: configure's default is "--enable-install-doc"ocean
2004-02-29* bcc32/Makefile.sub, bcc32/README.bcc32, bcc32/configure.bat,ocean
2004-01-19* ext/extmk.rb, win32/Makefile.sub, win32/configure.bat,usa
2003-12-28* instruby.rb: fix install directory if destdir and compile_dir areusa
2002-12-27* bcc32/setup.mak, win32/setup.mak(-prologue-): move srcdir fromnobu
2002-12-26* win32/setup.mak (-prologue-): moved srcdir macro definition.usa
2002-12-25* bcc32/Makefile.sub, win32/Makefile.sub (RUBY_SO_NAME, config.h):usa
2002-10-21* (XCFLAGS): CFLAGS to comile ruby itself.nobu
2002-09-10* win32/Makefile.sub (miniruby): shouldn't link $(EXTOBJS).usa
2002-08-23* RUBY_SO_NAME is msvcrt-rubyXX on mswin32/mingw32.eban
2002-04-19* win32/Makefile.sub: add -DNT to $CFLAGS instead of $CPPFLAGS.usa
2002-03-20* win32/Makefile.sub: made variables configurable.nobu
2001-06-09* ext/ Use -F and -T for mswin32 because cl.exe doesn't support -...usa
2000-08-03matz - add/remove filesmatz