path: root/win32/dir.h
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-03-14dir.h: direct::d_typenobu
2015-03-08dir.c: glob short namesnobu
2012-12-21* win32/{dir.h,win32.c} (rb_w32_readdir): removed old rb_w32_readdir()usa
2011-04-28* win32/{win32.c,dir.h} (rb_w32_uopendir): new API to pass UTF-8 path.usa
2009-03-11* win32/win32.c (rb_w32_telldir, rb_w32_seekdir): should use long.nobu
2009-02-06 * win32/{dir.h, win32.c} (rb_w32_readdir_with_enc): new function tousa
2009-02-02* win32/dir.h: forgot to commit.usa
2007-03-17* win32/dir.h, win32/win32.c (rb_w32_opendir, rb_w32_readdir,usa
2006-08-12*, bcc32/Makefile.sub, win32/Makefile.sub, win32/dir.h,nobu
2006-01-01* win32/win32.c (rb_w32_seekdir): should not segfault even if passedocean
2004-01-19* ext/digest/defs.h, win32/win3.c, win32/win32.h, file.c: removenobu
2004-01-05* win32/dir.h, win32/win32.c: fix patch miss.usa
2004-01-05* dir.c: merge tuning from H.Yamamoto <>.matz
2004-01-02* dir.c: merge tuning from H.Yamamoto <>.matz
2002-06-11new platform [bccwin32] merged.H_Konishi
2002-05-29Wed May 29 18:55:47 2002 KONISHI Hiromasa <>H_Konishi
2001-05-30* win32/dir.h: re-add.usa
2001-05-30* ruby.c (proc_options): unexpected SecurityError happens when -T4.matz
2001-03-20* win32/dir.h: replace missing/dir.h .usa