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2019-12-28Add VM insns counter like debug_counter (#2789)Takashi Kokubun
2019-09-20Fixed format specifiersNobuyoshi Nakada
2019-09-19Avoid unneeded casts in INSN_ENTRY_SIGTakashi Kokubun
2019-09-19Drop PREFETCH macro unused since 6b534134a7Takashi Kokubun
2019-09-07Avoid defining DISPATCH_ARCH_DEPEND_WAY macroTakashi Kokubun
2019-03-08use __GNUC__ instead of __GCC__.tadd
2018-09-21fix typo.ko1
2018-03-04mjit_compile.c: use local variables for stackk0kubun
2018-03-03vm.c: add mjit_enable_p flagk0kubun
2018-02-04mjit_compile.c: merge initial JIT compilerk0kubun
2018-01-12delete tool/instruction.rb (2nd try)shyouhei
2018-01-10merge revisions 61753:61750 61747:61740 61737:61728shyouhei
2018-01-09delete tool/instruction.rbshyouhei
2018-01-02label as lvalue is a GCCismshyouhei
2017-12-11vm_exec.h: introduce macros for abstarction.ko1
2017-11-14remove `trace` instruction. [Feature #14104]ko1
2017-10-29`th` -> `ec` for VM dump related functions.ko1
2017-10-27catch up recent changes for call threaded code VM.ko1
2017-10-27`ec` -> `th`ko1
2017-10-26Use rb_execution_context_t instead of rb_thread_tko1
2017-08-10rename rb_execution_context_t::stack(_size) to vm_stack(_size).ko1
2017-06-28move fields to ec.ko1
2017-05-09rb_execution_context_t: move stack, stack_size and cfp from rb_thread_tnormal
2013-12-18* vm_exec.h (VM_DEBUG_STACKOVERFLOW): added.ko1
2013-11-29 * vm_dump.c (rb_vmdebug_debug_print_pre): Bugfix. Get PC directly.tarui
2013-11-18vm_core.h: extract VM_STACK_OVERFLOWED_Pnobu
2013-07-26vm_exec.h: fix CHECK_VM_STACK_OVERFLOW_FOR_INSNnobu
2013-07-26* vm_exec.h, tool/instruction.rb: not an error, but a BUG if stackko1
2013-04-22fix minor code comment typostmm1
2013-03-18* vm_exec.h (END_INSN): revert r39517 because the segv seems fixed bynaruse
2013-02-27* vm_exec.h (END_INSN): llvm-gcc may optimize out reg_cfp and causenaruse
2013-02-10vm_exec.h: fix typonobu
2013-02-10* vm_exec.h (DISPATCH_ARCH_DEPEND_WAY): use __asm__ __vilatile__kosaki
2012-12-29adjust stylenobu
2012-11-15* vm_exec.h (GENTRY): GENTRY should be pointer size.ko1
2012-10-04* insns.def (getlocal, setlocal): remove old getlocal/setlocalko1
2012-10-04* vm.c (VM_COLLECT_USAGE_DETAILS): make new VM usage analysisko1
2012-07-25Suppress warnings.naruse
2012-06-11* vm_core.h: remove lfp (local frame pointer) and renameko1
2011-01-23* vm_exec.h: parenthesize macro arguments.akr
2010-10-12* (RUBY_CHECK_PRINTF_PREFIX): check for printf formatnobu
2010-07-27* class.c, compile.c, dir.c, file.c, iseq.c, parse.y, random.c:naruse
2010-01-05removes the dtrace support. reverts r26239, r26238 and r26235.yugui
2010-01-03* trace.h: new file. wraps tracing mechanisms.yugui
2009-01-19* vm_dump.c: add a prefix "rb_vmdebug_" toko1
2008-11-19* vm_exec.h (RUBY_VM_EXEC_H): fixed include guard.nobu
2008-09-23* clean upko1