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2012-10-04* vm.c (VM_COLLECT_USAGE_DETAILS): make new VM usage analysisko1
2012-09-30* vm_dump.c (rb_vm_bugreport): add /Library/Logs/DiagnosticReportsmrkn
2012-09-28* vm_core.h: remove rb_control_frame_t::bp (bp: base pointer).ko1
2012-08-07* vm_exec.c, insns.def (leave): solve problems onko1
2012-07-09* dln.c: Simplify and make consistent an ifdef for Mac OS X.kosaki
2012-06-15* vm_core.h: remove VM_FRAME_MAGIC_FINISH (finish frame type).ko1
2012-06-11* vm_core.h: remove lfp (local frame pointer) and renameko1
2012-06-04* vm_core.h (rb_location_t): fix type and field name.ko1
2012-06-02* fix to build vm_backtrace.c only itself (vm_backtrace.cko1
2012-05-25* vm.c: refactoring backtrace related funcitons.ko1
2012-05-22* vm_core.h: add a data type rb_location_t to store iseq locationko1
2011-11-27* io.c (rb_write_error2): get rid of warning on linux. fwritekosaki
2011-11-11* vm_dump.c (HAVE_BACKTRACE): fallback to 0.nobu
2011-07-27* vm_dump.c (VMDEBUG): suppress undefined macro warnings.nobu
2011-07-08* addr2line.c: use USE_ELF instead of __ELF__ because Solarisnaruse
2011-06-26* vm_dump.c (rb_vm_bugreport): change CrashReporter suggestion messageskosaki
2011-01-13* vm_dump.c: delete dashes to make lines 80 chars, Patched bymrkn
2011-01-13* vm_dump.c: fix misspelling of CrashReporter.mrkn
2011-01-12* vm_dump.c: parenthesize macro arguments.akr
2010-12-08* vm_dump.c (rb_vm_bugreport): suppress a warning.nobu
2010-11-30* vm_dump.c: undef HAVE_BACKTRACE when the OS is FreeBSD (in othernaruse
2010-11-27* vm_dump.c (rb_vm_bugreport): see CrashReport log on Mac OS X.nobu
2010-11-26* addr2line.c: added to show source filename and line number ofnaruse
2010-11-26* vm_dump.c (dump_thread): get only required rights of the targetusa
2010-11-26* vm_dump.c (dump_thread): show the displacement from the beginningusa
2010-11-26* vm_dump.c (dump_thread): follow the output of glibc.usa
2010-11-26* vm_dump.c (dump_thread): seems to be necessary the 3rd argument ofusa
2010-11-11* fix type warnings.nobu
2010-10-23* vm_dump.c (rb_vm_bugreport): fix to add bug outputs.ko1
2010-10-13* vm_dump.c (dump_thread): suppress a warning.nobu
2010-10-12* (RUBY_CHECK_PRINTF_PREFIX): check for printf formatnobu
2010-10-12* vm_dump.c (dump_thread): foolish mistake.usa
2010-09-30* vm_dump.c (dump_thread): fixed wrong type of return value ofusa
2010-09-29* vm_dump.c (dump_thread): remove ununsed optional arguments.usa
2010-09-28* vm_dump.c (rb_vm_bugreport): add windows support.usa
2010-05-11* eval_intern.h (rb_vm_get_sourceline): add prototype.nobu
2010-04-15* vm_dump.c (bugreport_backtrace): ditto.nobu
2010-01-27* vm_dump.c (bugreport_backtrace): trivial change.kazu
2009-09-21* compile.c, cont.c, gc.c, insns.def, iseq.c, iseq.h, process.c,nobu
2009-08-28* method.h (rb_method_definition_t): split from rb_method_entry_tnobu
2009-08-16* vm_dump.c (bugreport_backtrace): rb_backtrace_iter_func nownobu
2009-07-15* method.h, vm_core.h: add rb_method_entry_t. Remove nodes aroundko1
2009-05-27* vm_dump.c (rb_vm_bugreport): no empty lines.nobu
2009-04-01* vm_dump.c (rb_vm_bugreport): should not #include inside anobu
2009-03-12* array.c, bignum.c, dln.c, error.c, gc.c, io.c, marshal.c,nobu
2009-02-01* vm.c (vm_backtrace_each): now takes an iterator function.nobu
2009-01-19* vm_dump.c (vm_stack_dump_each): used only if debug mode.nobu
2009-01-19* vm.c: add a prefix "rb_" to exposed functionsko1
2009-01-19* vm_dump.c: add a prefix "rb_vmdebug_" toko1
2009-01-19* iseq.c:ko1