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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-03-11vm_dump.c: check procstat_getvmmapnobu
2015-03-10* proc.c: use RUBY_VM_IFUNC_P() to recognize IFUNC or not.ko1
2015-02-28vm_dump.c: no new strings in signal contextnobu
2015-01-18vm_dump.c: check by configured resultnobu
2014-11-15* internal.h: Include ruby.h and ruby/encoding.h to beakr
2014-11-02* vm_core.h: change iseq parameter data structure.ko1
2014-09-10compile: translate iseq in-placenormal
2014-09-04* dir.c (glob_helper): use #ifdef instead of #if.ko1
2014-06-19* vm_core.h: add VM_FRAME_MAGIC_RESCUE to recognize normal block orko1
2014-05-25report bug with machine regisitersnobu
2014-05-25vm_dump.c: adjust stylenobu
2014-03-31* vm_dump.c (rb_print_backtrace): current implementationnaruse
2014-03-28revert r45417naruse
2014-03-26* addr2line.c (fill_lines): loop reverse order not to overwritenaruse
2014-03-25temporaly change/add to debug on powerpc64-linuxnaruse
2014-03-10* vm_dump.c (rb_vm_bugreport): show vm maps on FreeBSD.naruse
2013-12-19vm_dump.c: improve wording of apple crashlog messagestmm1
2013-11-30vm_dump.c: suppress warningnobu
2013-11-29 * vm_dump.c (rb_vmdebug_debug_print_pre): Bugfix. Get PC directly.tarui
2013-05-22* vm_dump.c (rb_vm_bugreport): show name of class and module.nobu
2013-05-22* vm_dump.c (rb_vm_bugreport): limit class name length.nobu
2013-05-13* *.c, parse.y, insns.def: use RARRAY_AREF/ASET macroko1
2013-04-02* vm_dump.c (rb_print_backtrace): separate to ease showing C backtrace.naruse
2013-03-18Add comments to r39808naruse
2013-03-18* vm_dump.c (backtrace): on darwin use custom backtrace() to tracenaruse
2013-02-18Correct condition of r39302naruse
2013-02-18* vm_dump: FreeBSD ports' libexecinfo's backtrace(3) can't tracenaruse
2013-02-18* check whether backtrace(3) works well or not.naruse
2013-02-04* vm_dump.c (control_frame_dump): capitalize prefix of `ep'ko1
2013-01-30vm_dump.c: important message firstnobu
2012-12-21* vm_dump.c (rb_vm_bugreport): revert r38533.kosaki
2012-12-21 * vm_dump.c (rb_vm_bugreport): commentout addr2line call temporarilytarui
2012-12-12* add -fno-omit-frame-pointer if libexecinfo is used.naruse
2012-12-12Specify rlimits_core to prevent making core filenaruse
2012-12-12Experimental fix for r38041naruse
2012-12-11Experimental: don't use $.*s of fprintfnaruse
2012-12-11Experimentally recommit of r38041: specify smaller max lengthnaruse
2012-12-11Experimentally revert r38041naruse
2012-11-30vm_dump.c: no methods in segv handlernobu
2012-11-19* vm_dump.c: not to include probes.h because the code does not dependngoto
2012-11-12* probes.d: add DTrace probe declarations. [ruby-core:27448]tenderlove
2012-11-02* vm_dump.c (rb_vm_bugreport): Because of many log directories,sorah
2012-11-02* vm_dump.c (rb_vm_bugreport): add ~/Library/Logs/DiagnosticReportsmrkn
2012-10-10* vm_dump.c: fix debug prints to catch up recent changesko1
2012-10-04* vm.c (VM_COLLECT_USAGE_DETAILS): make new VM usage analysisko1
2012-09-30* vm_dump.c (rb_vm_bugreport): add /Library/Logs/DiagnosticReportsmrkn
2012-09-28* vm_core.h: remove rb_control_frame_t::bp (bp: base pointer).ko1
2012-08-07* vm_exec.c, insns.def (leave): solve problems onko1
2012-07-09* dln.c: Simplify and make consistent an ifdef for Mac OS X.kosaki
2012-06-15* vm_core.h: remove VM_FRAME_MAGIC_FINISH (finish frame type).ko1