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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-10-31use rb_source_loc and rb_source_locationnobu
2015-10-31vm.c: initialize line alwaysnobu
2015-10-29use NULL instead of 0ko1
2015-10-29* vm.c: add ifndef guard for VM_CHECK_MODE.ko1
2015-10-29vm.c: ruby_th_dtrace_setupnobu
2015-10-23* vm_insnhelper.c: introduce new call handler for simple ISeqs.ko1
2015-10-16vm_args.c: symbol procnobu
2015-10-15vm.c: simplifynobu
2015-10-10* vm.c (invoke_block_from_c): split this function into severalko1
2015-09-29compile.c: fix performance of strconcatnobu
2015-09-19* vm_core.h: split rb_call_info_t into several structs.ko1
2015-09-15gc.c: define objspace functions alwaysnobu
2015-09-07vm_core.h: objspace alwaysnobu
2015-08-28* vm.c (hook_before_rewind): prevent kicking :return event whileko1
2015-08-12* class.c, gc.c vm.c: use ID_TABLE_* instead of ST_*ko1
2015-08-12* id_table.h: introduce ID key table.ko1
2015-08-09vm.c: frozen_strings in rb_vm_tnobu
2015-07-24* vm_core.h: size should be unsigned.ko1
2015-07-24* vm_core.h: constify rb_iseq_constant_body::catch_table.ko1
2015-07-21* make rb_iseq_t T_IMEMO object (type is imemo_iseq).ko1
2015-07-21* vm_core.h: constify rb_call_info_t::kw_arg,ko1
2015-07-21* vm_core.h: constify rb_call_info_t::blockiseq and rb_iseq_t::iseq.ko1
2015-07-16vm.c: fix mark with rewinding cfpnobu
2015-07-16vm.c: fix mark with rewinding cfpnobu
2015-07-15remove redundant NULL checks after RUBY_VM_IFUNC_Pnormal
2015-07-15remove redundant NULL check in mark functionsnormal
2015-07-15* vm.c (vm_make_env_each): add comments about env layout.ko1
2015-07-14* vm_core.h, vm.c: remove rb_proc_t::envval because we can know it viako1
2015-07-14* vm_core.h, vm.c: remvoe rb_env_t::prev_envval because we can know itko1
2015-07-14* remove trailing spaces.svn
2015-07-14* vm.c: refactoring Proc/Env related code.ko1
2015-07-06* vm.c (vm_define_method): remove an unused local variable.ko1
2015-07-06* vm_core.h: remove rb_iseq_t::defined_method_id because it is notko1
2015-07-06* vm_core.h: remove rb_iseq_t::klass to reduce dynamic data.ko1
2015-07-04vm.c: reduce branches for always-set VM fieldsnormal
2015-07-03* remove trailing spaces.svn
2015-07-03* method.h: introduce rb_callable_method_entry_t to removeko1
2015-06-30move RB_GC_GUARD responsibility to rb_add_method_iseqnormal
2015-06-18* vm.c (rb_vm_control_frame_id_and_class): remove usless codes.ko1
2015-06-13mark thread name stringnaruse
2015-06-13* vm_core.h (rb_thread_t): add th->name.naruse
2015-06-12vm.c: break from orphan blocknobu
2015-06-10* vm.c: use VM_ASSERT instead of assert().ko1
2015-06-10* vm_core.h: define VM_ASSERT() for assertionko1
2015-06-05* internal.h: move definition of rb_cref_t to method.h.ko1
2015-06-03* class.c (clone_method): remove redundant check for me->def != NULL.ko1
2015-06-03* vm.c: eagerly allocate `loading_table`. This eliminates the need totenderlove
2015-06-03* method.h: split rb_method_definition_t::flag to several flags.ko1
2015-06-02* method.h: make rb_method_entry_t a VALUE.ko1