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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-07-06update-deps: for clangnobu
2016-07-06probes.dmyh: remove preprocessor directivesnobu
2016-07-02tool: add descriptions and fix typosnormal
2016-06-14Unicode Version in RbConfignobu
2016-06-09* tool/ifchange: fix timestamp error when target without directory.kazu ifchange for mkconfig.rbnobu
2016-06-09ifchange: make target directorynobu
2016-05-25fake.rb: buildlibdirnobu
2016-05-18downloader.rb: disable verify if rubygems is oldnobu
2016-04-27* tool/instruction.rb: fix to follow current implementation.naruse
2016-04-26* tool/redmine-backporter.rb (rel): should not raise exceptions even ifusa
2016-04-23* tool/merger.rb: use FileUtile.rm_f to fix an error on missing temporary file.nagachika
2016-04-22* tool/redmine-backporter.rb: the fullpath of merger.rb is too long tousa
2016-04-22* tool/merger.rb: remove temporary file.usa
2016-04-21ifchange: ignore unmatch TEST_COLORSnobu
2016-04-16* tool/redmine-backporter.rb: revisions are strings.nagachika
2016-04-15* tool/redmine-backporter.rb: sort revisions.nagachika
2016-04-07fake.rb: set extoutnobu
2016-04-06* tool/downloader.rb ( follow the change of theusa
2016-04-01improve git repository detectionnobu
2016-04-01* tool/ BRE accepts \{m,\} expression. use it for future many-digitsusa
2016-03-31* tool/ two-digit version number support.usa
2016-03-31* tool/merger.rb (version): version number may be two-digit.usa
2016-03-29* tool/redmine-backporter.rb: add given revision to current changestsnaruse
2016-03-29* tool/merger.rb: update revision.h before merge.naruse
2016-03-29* tool/redmine-backporter.rb (backport): show merger.rb's path.naruse
2016-03-29* tool/merger.rb: support to backport header as backport identifier.naruse
2016-03-27gen_dummy_probes.rb: argument namesnobu
2016-03-26compile.c: explicit addressnobu
2016-03-16transcode-tblgen.rb: chomp invalid linenobu
2016-03-16transcode-tblgen.rb: binary modenobu
2016-02-29mkconfig.rb: cross_compiling optionnobu
2016-02-18downloader.rb: defer warningnobu
2016-02-16rbinstall.rb: drive letter in without_destdirnobu
2016-02-15rbinstall.rb: drive letter in without_destdirnobu
2016-02-09mkrunnable.rb: symlink on Windows [ci skip]nobu
2016-02-09mkrunnable.rb: clean link before symlink [ci skip]nobu
2016-02-02downloader.rb: https setternobu
2016-01-23* tool/downloader.rb: Fixed a logical error, improved documentationduerst
2016-01-20vcs.rb: git worktreenobu
2016-01-20extlibs.rb: add --cache optionnobu
2016-01-19make-snapshot: remove Unicode datanobu
2016-01-19make-snapshot: download firstnobu get rid of repeating same namesnobu
2016-01-16* test-sample was changed to test-basic.hsbt
2016-01-15Revert "* test-sample was changed to test-basic."naruse
2016-01-15* test-sample was changed to test-basic.hsbt
2016-01-09vcs.rb: srcdir accessornobu
2016-01-09extract version from version.hnobu
2016-01-09revert r53459, r53427, r53314nobu