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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-11-30Regexp supports Unicoe 9.0.0's \Xnaruse
2016-11-29get rid of ambiguous parentheses warningsnobu
2016-11-17mkconfig.rb: add a magic comment to rbconfig.rbshugo
2016-11-11fix a constant name typo in redmine-backporter.rbnagachika
2016-11-10make-snapshot: repository optionsnobu
2016-11-10make-snapshot: program namenobu
2016-11-08vcs.rb: fix GIT.get_revisionsnobu
2016-11-08vcs.rb: format from git-lognobu
2016-11-08vcs.rb: expand srcdirnobu
2016-11-08vcs.rb: fix srcdir in VCS::GITnobu
2016-11-07vcs.rb: suppress warningnobu
2016-11-07vcs.rb: exclude beginning revisionnobu
2016-11-07vcs.rb: unnecessary argumentsnobu
2016-11-07vcs.rb: use chdir optionnobu
2016-11-07make-snapshot: sort globbed resultsnobu
2016-11-07vcs.rb: popen with envnobu
2016-11-06remove debug sleep & exitnaruse
2016-11-06* tool/vcs.rb (export_changelog): generate ChangeLog file fromnaruse
2016-11-05mkconfig.rb: trailing spacenobu
2016-11-05* tool/mkconfig.rb: [DOC] add rbconfig documentation.sho-h
2016-10-28transcode-tblgen.rb: dup literal stringnobu
2016-10-27* tool/redmine-backporter.rb (rel): check the exception and show rightusa
2016-10-17install-static-library option [ci skip]nobu
2016-10-12* tool/downloader.rb: Removed verification of gem certification.hsbt
2016-10-06Fix cmd is referenced but not assignedkazu improvenobu
2016-09-26rbinstall.rb: don't install gemspec for skipped librariesrhe
2016-09-24install extra librariesnobu
2016-09-23Add support for the `Lk` macro to tool/mdoc2man.rbknu
2016-09-08rbinstall.rb: gem bindirnobu
2016-09-05rbinstall.rb: install just one gemspec [ci skip]nobu
2016-09-04rbinstall.rb: install iff expected platforms [ci skip]nobu
2016-09-04rbinstall.rb: chdir to gem directory [ci skip]nobu
2016-09-01rbinstall.rb: prefix with space [ci skip]nobu
2016-08-31extmk.rb: build_completenobu
2016-08-17skip failed gemsnobu
2016-08-17gem extensionsnobu
2016-08-17make-snapshot: remove $GZIPnobu
2016-08-16make-snapshot: UNICODE_VERSIONnobu
2016-08-16open Unicode data in binary modenobu separate unicode headersnobu
2016-08-16make-snapshot: save unicode headersnobu
2016-08-07vcs.rb: suppress warningsnobu
2016-07-28* vm_core.h: revisit the structure of frame, block and env.ko1
2016-07-15enc/unicode: check Unicode versionsnobu
2016-07-14enc-unicode.rb: check Unicode versionnobu
2016-07-14make-snapshot: fix VPATH regexp [ci skip]nobu
2016-07-09Use keywordnobu
2016-07-06* tool/redmine-backporter.rb: fixed command alias bug.usa
2016-07-06update-deps: exclude timestampsnobu