path: root/tool/rbinstall.rb
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2012-12-01* re-added r38053 that is reverted by r38061. Problems by r38053kou
2012-11-30* revert r38053 because it causes too many test failures.usa
2012-11-30* defs/default_gems: Add base directory column.kou
2012-11-10* tool/rbinstall.rb: Don't install *.gemspec under lib/.kou
2012-09-04rbinstall.rb: skip symlinksnobu
2012-05-03* tool/rbinstall.rb (capi): install to capi directory.nobu
2012-03-13* tool/rbinstall.rb (prepare): skip if basedir is not defined.nobu
2011-10-30* tool/rbinstall.rb (install_recursive, bin-comm): split merenobu
2011-08-04* tool/rbinstall.rb (gem): install all gemspecs under lib and ext.nobu
2011-08-04* tool/rbinstall.rb (Gem::Specification): may not be defined whennobu
2011-08-03* tool/rbinstall.rb: use rubygems to load gemspecs, copy actualtenderlove
2011-07-30* defs/default_gems: separate from tool/rbinstall.rb.nobu
2011-07-30* ext/bigdecimal/bigdecimal.c (BigDecimal_version): version 1.1.0.mrkn
2011-07-22* tool/rbinstall.rb (strip_file): accept an array of path names.nobu
2011-07-22 * tool/rbinstall.rb (default gems): Install executables into the fakedrbrain
2011-06-30 * ext/io/console/io-console.gemspec: spin-off gem for 1.9.2.nobu
2011-06-23 * lib/rake/version.rb: Fixed VERSION to work with tool/rbinstall.rbdrbrain
2011-06-01* tool/rbinstall.rb (gem): fix for rubygems change.nobu
2011-05-27* tool/rbinstall.rb (gem): install gemspec of json. fixed #4784nobu
2010-12-16* tool/rbinstall.rb (bin-comm): use transformed name.nobu
2010-12-10* tool/rbinstall.rb (install_recursive): always skip default ignorednobu
2010-11-09* cygwin/ (scriptbin): make executable file fromnobu
2010-11-05* tool/rbinstall.rb (bin-comm): prepend prolog shell script ifnobu
2010-10-26* (pkgconfig-data): moved from
2010-10-25* (pkgconfig-data): create pkg-config metadata file.nobu
2010-09-09* tool/rbinstall.rb (install?): gemspec filename should includenaruse
2010-07-16* tool/rbinstall.rb (ext-arch): prune directories start with '-'.nobu
2010-06-02Allow bin/* install from dot-dirs. Fixes rvm and multiruby installations.ryan
2010-05-07* tool/rbinstall.rb (install-man): install mdocs directly withoutnobu
2010-04-24* tool/rbinstall.rb: expand target file name.nobu
2010-01-05removes the dtrace support. reverts r26239, r26238 and r26235.yugui
2010-01-03* trace.h: new file. wraps tracing mechanisms.yugui
2009-12-27* tool/rbinstall.rb (install?(:local, :comm, :bin, :'bin-comm')):yugui
2009-09-14* tool/rbinstall.rb (parse_args): show help message and exit ifnobu
2009-09-14* (install-all): target to install all.nobu
2009-08-26* tool/mkconfig.rb (program_transform_name): fix for multiple transnaruse
2009-08-01* tool/rbinstall.rb (gem): suppressed warnings.nobu
2009-06-30* tool/rbinstall.rb: renamed to get rid of collision againstnobu