path: root/tool/merger.rb
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2012-11-09* tool/merger.rb: typo.usa
2012-11-01* tool/merger.rb: add feature to tag preview/rc.naruse
2012-10-12* tool/merger.rb: now can merge revision(s) without --ticket again.usa
2012-09-24* tool/merger.rb: add --ticket option to add ticket number.naruse
2012-03-26* tool/merger.rb (interactive): allow editing commit message.nobu
2012-03-26* tool/merger.rb (default_merge_branch): use IO.popen to invoke pager.nobu
2012-02-17* tool/merger.rb: remove borders from the commit message which is usednaruse
2012-02-12* tool/merger.rb (#default_merge_branch): Add support forknu
2012-02-08* tool/merger.rb: don't abort, update first.naruse
2012-02-06* tool/merger.rb: abort if the working directory is dirty.naruse
2012-01-03* tool/merger.rb: allow r0123 style revision number.kosaki
2012-01-03* tool/merger.rb (#version_up): version.h date should be Japanesekosaki
2010-08-19Forgot content of r29049.naruse