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2012-01-02* tool/file2lastrev.rb (VCS::detect): Add support for Subversionknu
2010-07-17* tool/file2lastrev.rb: don't depend on pathname.rb if File.realpathakr
2010-04-16* tool/file2lastrev.rb (VCS::SVN::get_revisions.): remind aboutnobu
2010-04-15* tool/file2lastrev.rb: use backtick for ruby 1.8.akr
2010-04-15* tool/file2lastrev.rb: this should run with ruby 1.8.naruse
2010-04-15* tool/file2lastrev.rb: make -q effective for files not versionakr
2010-04-02* tool/file2lastrev.rb (VCS#relative_to): path and @srcdir may haveakr
2010-03-30* tool/file2lastrev.rb (VCS::GIT_SVN): removed because git-log cannobu
2010-03-30* tool/file2lastrev.rb (VCS#get_revisions): particular commands donobu
2010-03-14* tool/file2lastrev.rb (VCS::{SVN,GIT}#get_revisions):nobu
2010-03-14* tool/file2lastrev.rb (VCS::GIT_SVN#get_revisions) :naruse
2010-03-13* tool/file2lastrev.rb: refactord. fixed changed revision of git.nobu
2009-09-01* tool/file2lastrev.rb: executable.nobu
2009-06-30* tool/file2lastrev.rb: get rid of global variables.nobu
2009-01-15* tool/file2lastrev.rb: RUBY_REVISION must be an integer.akr
2009-01-13* tool/file2lastrev.rb (get_revisions): fixes problem withyugui
2009-01-01* tool/flie2lastrev.rb: supports git repositories which are clonedyugui
2008-12-31* tool/file2lastrev.rb: unset PWD.nobu
2008-12-24* tool/file2lastrev.rb (get_revisions): fix to ignore end of line.ko1
2008-12-23 * tool/file2lastrev.rb: shouldn't use single quote in shell's commandusa
2008-12-23* tool/file2lastrev.rb: detects vcs directory properly on buildingyugui
2008-12-22* new file. Template of a configuration file foryugui