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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-11-30Regexp supports Unicoe 9.0.0's \Xnaruse
2016-10-12* tool/downloader.rb: Removed verification of gem certification.hsbt
2016-07-02tool: add descriptions and fix typosnormal
2016-05-18downloader.rb: disable verify if rubygems is oldnobu
2016-04-06* tool/downloader.rb ( follow the change of theusa
2016-02-18downloader.rb: defer warningnobu
2016-02-02downloader.rb: https setternobu
2016-01-23* tool/downloader.rb: Fixed a logical error, improved documentationduerst get rid of repeating same namesnobu
2015-11-26Use more tough server: GitHub or repo.or.cznaruse
2015-11-26downloader.rb: Downloader.httpsnobu
2015-04-06fix a typo [ci skip]kazu
2015-04-06* tool/downloader.rb (http_options): prevent content auto decodingnaruse
2015-01-31* tool/downloader.rb ( Gem::Security::*#ui= isusa
2015-01-20Use master instead of HEADnaruse
2015-01-17suppress alert warningsnobu
2015-01-14downloader.rb: verify gemsnobu
2014-12-25* tool/downloader.rb: support old versions of ruby.usa
2014-12-24downloader.rb: fix exception argumentsnobu
2014-12-24* tool/downloader.rb: use config.guess in gcc repo.naruse
2014-12-24url is not required herenaruse
2014-12-24* tool/downloader.rb: typo.usa
2014-12-24support ruby 1.8naruse
2014-12-23* tool/downloader.rb: support ruby 1.8.naruse
2014-12-23* lib/open-uri.rb (OpenURI.open_http): accept multiple certs path inusa ims=nil optionnobu
2014-11-19* tool/downloader.rb ( Don't download gem if thenaruse separate Unicode files directorynobu
2014-10-30tool/downloader.rb: changed Unicode data download locationduerst disable force download of unicode files by defaultnobu update unicode files every timesnobu
2014-10-20tool/downloader.rb: Make sure we update to latest versionduerst
2014-10-06tool/downloader.rb: Adjust example in documentation for
2014-09-28tool/downloader.rb: fix for old ruby on old CentOSnobu
2014-09-28downloader.rb: compatibility with old BASERUBYnobu
2014-09-28tool/downloader.rb: split particular sitesnobu
2014-09-24tool/downloader.rb: Adjusting example forduerst
2014-09-24tool/downloader.rb: Removing unused methodduerst
2014-09-24tool/downloader.rb: Fixing raise after return.duerst
2014-09-24tool/downloader.rb: Made Unicode data file location availableduerst
2014-09-24tool/downloader.rb: Small fix to documentation comment.duerst
2014-09-23downloader.rb: shorthands for usual URInobu
2014-09-23downloader.rb: integrate with download_if_modified_sincenobu
2014-09-23* remove trailing spaces.svn
2014-09-23tool/downloader.rb: added Downloader.download_if_modified_sinceduerst
2014-06-24* tool/downloader.rb: fix wrong variable name.hsbt
2014-06-24* tool/downloader.rb: make Downloader class to general download utility.hsbt
2014-06-23* tool/config_files.rb: rename class ConfigFiles to Downloader.hsbt