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2015-11-10* time.c (rb_time_timespec_new): swap utc and localtimenaruse
2015-11-10* time.c (rb_timespec_now): added.naruse
2015-11-09fix comment: tobj->gmt is 0:localtime 1:utc 2:fixoff 3:initnaruse
2015-09-28preserve encodings in error messagesnobu
2015-06-14* time.c (time_getlocaltime): [DOC] Add examples of valid utc_offsetakr
2015-05-30variable.c: avoid compatibility table with generic ivarsnormal
2015-04-23* win32/Makefile.sub: MSVC14 have struct timespec.naruse
2015-02-24time.c: locale time zone namenobu
2015-02-23zone may be ASCII-8BIT on Windows [Bug #10887]naruse
2015-02-22* time.c: zone encoding should be US-ASCII if all 7-bits. Fix r46907.eregon
2015-01-06* time.c (timelocalw): Set tm_isdst field -1 if vtm->isdst isakr
2014-12-01use 0 for reservednobu
2014-11-27time.c: indentnobu
2014-11-27* time.c (time_s_mkutc): [DOC] Time.utc's 10 arguments formakr
2014-11-15* internal.h: Include ruby.h and ruby/encoding.h to beakr
2014-11-04update doc.akr
2014-10-17* Avoid undefined behaviors found by gcc -fsanitize=undefined.akr
2014-09-21* time.c: raise exception when minutes of utc_offset is out of
2014-09-10time.c: DATA_PTR is never NULLnormal
2014-08-26* time.c (rb_time_unmagnify_to_float): Avoid double rounding.akr
2014-08-16time.c (time_timespec): fix tv_nsec overflownormal
2014-08-14Revert r46977. [ruby-core:63857] [Bug #10071]akr
2014-07-27* time.c: [DOC] Clarify %Y in strftime, which can accept any digitszzak
2014-07-27* time.c: [DOC] Remove dead link and old bug report, which hasn't beenzzak
2014-07-23time.c: unnecessary encodingnobu
2014-05-11* compile.c (BUFSIZE): Unused macro removed.akr
2014-05-02time.c: fix underflow of unsigned integersnobu
2014-04-18time.c: fix non-terminated stringnobu
2014-03-19time.c: freeze and preserve marshal-loaded time zonenormal
2014-03-14[DOC] add links to `Object#hash`nobu
2014-02-27adjust indent and stylenobu, win32/Makefile.sub: PACKED_STRUCT with VCnobu
2014-02-24time: only use packed struct on x86*normal
2014-02-24time: rearrange+pack vtm and time_object structsnormal
2013-10-30* time.c (v2w): Normalize a rational value to an integer if possible.akr
2013-10-29* add RUBY_TYPED_FREE_IMMEDIATELY to data types which only useko1
2013-09-09* process.c: Remove spaces between SI prefix and unit to followakr
2013-08-17time.c: ignore invalid datanobu
2013-08-09* time.c (get_timeval, get_new_timeval): use rb_obj_class()ktsj
2013-08-08* time.c (time_overflow_p): Avoid signed integer overflow.akr
2013-08-08Fix the previous commit.akr
2013-08-08* time.c (time_overflow_p): Avoid signed integer overflow.akr
2013-08-06* time.c: [DOC] Typo in Time overview by @sparr [Fixes GH-374]zzak
2013-06-11Unused variable removed.akr
2013-06-11* bignum.c (validate_integer_pack_format): Don't require a word orderakr
2013-06-10* bignum.c (rb_integer_pack): Returns sign instead of words.akr
2013-06-09* bignum.c (rb_integer_pack): numwords_allocated argument removed.akr
2013-06-08* time.c (v2w): Use rb_absint_size instead of RBIGNUM_LEN.akr
2013-06-08* time.c (v2w_bignum): Simplified using rb_integer_pack.akr