path: root/thread_win32.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2008-11-07* thread_win32.c (thread_start_func_1): use already gotten stack info.nobu
2008-11-06* thread.c (rb_thread_stop_timer_thread): terminates timer threadnobu
2008-08-28 * win32/win32.c, include/ruby/win32.h (rb_w32_open): overlapped fileusa
2008-08-13* thread.c, vm_core.h: add manual priority supportko1
2008-07-28 * thread_win32.[ch] (cond_every_entry, rb_thread_cond_struct): revertedusa
2008-07-28 * thread_win32.[ch]: moved definitions of cond_every_entry andusa
2008-07-24 * win32/win32.c (overlapped_socket_io): avoid warnings.usa
2008-07-16* thread.c (thread_start_func_2): wake up joining threads.nobu
2008-07-15 * thread_win32.c (ubf_handle): cancel blocking IO if it can (onlyusa
2008-07-09* thread.c (sleep_forever): wait until timed out. [ruby-core:17270]nobu
2008-07-09* thread_{pthread,win32}.c (native_sleep): wait until timed out.nobu
2008-07-09* thread_{pthread,win32}.c (rb_thread_create_timer_thread): needs morenobu
2008-07-05* thread.c (thread_initialize): NUM2INT() returns int.nobu
2008-06-21 * thread_win32.c (native_sleep): must block reentrance when accessingusa
2008-06-19* thread_win32.c (native_sleep): fix to decrement sleeper count.ko1
2008-06-19* thread.c, thread_win32.c, vm_core.h: try to remove false positive ofmame
2008-06-14* gc.h (STACK_UPPER): moved from gc.cnobu
2008-06-12 * thread_win32.c (native_sleep): fixed previous commit.usa
2008-06-12* thread.c, vm_core.h, vm.c, thread_pthread.c, thread_win32.c: addmame
2008-05-30* vm_core.h (struct rb_unblock_callback), thread.cnobu
2008-04-26* io.c, signal.c, thread.c, thread_win32.c, include/ruby/intern.h:nobu
2008-01-18 * thread_win32.c (w32_wait_events): shouldn't invoke interrupt handleusa
2008-01-18* thread.c (thread_cleanup_func): ignore errors from destroying mutexnobu
2008-01-06* $Date$ keyword removed to avoid inclusion of locale dependentakr
2007-12-25* thread_pthread.c, thread_pthread.h, thread_win32.c,ko1
2007-12-25* vm_core.h, thread.c, cont.c: add RUBY_VM_SET_INTERRUPT(),ko1
2007-12-20*, *.ci: renamed to *.c.ko1