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2017-05-14suppress a warning [ci skip]nobu
2017-05-10adjust styles [ci skip]nobu
2017-05-08reduce rb_mutex_t size from 80 bytes to 72 bytes on 64-bitnormal
2017-05-08reduce rb_mutex_t size from 160 to 80 bytes on 64-bitnormal
2017-04-30thread_sync.c: document SizedQueue#clear correctly [ci skip]normal
2017-04-25thread_sync.c (rb_mutex_lock): spelling fix [ci skip]normal
2017-03-17remove branches in dmark and dfree GC callbacksnormal
2017-01-31allow Queue operation in trap.ko1
2017-01-31define rb_thread_sleep_deadly_allow_spurious_wakeup().ko1
2017-01-31use TRUE/FALSE.ko1
2016-09-29thread_sync.c: Document exception typesnobu
2016-09-29thread_sync.c: Remove confusing commentsnobu
2016-08-28thread_sync.c: alias_global_constnobu
2016-05-09thread.c: clear atfork functionsnobu
2016-04-30thread_sync.c: define global constants alwaysnobu
2016-03-17thread_sync.c: Update rdoc for Queue [skip ci]nobu
2016-01-04thread_sync.c: [DOC] remove SizedQueue#close argument. [ci skip]sho-h
2016-01-02thread_sync.c: remove unnecessary casts for queue_sleepnormal
2015-12-28thread_sync.c: static classesnormal
2015-12-09* *.c (*_memsize): do not check ptr.ko1
2015-11-21* thread_sync.c: reduce the specification of Queue#close.ko1
2015-09-03thread_sync.c: fix typosnobu
2015-09-01* thread_sync.c (queue_do_close): ignore multiple close to allowko1
2015-09-01* thread_tools.c: rename thread_tools.c to thread_sync.c.ko1