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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-10-17Fix possible use of undefined macros on very old macOS [ci skip]Nobuyoshi Nakada
2022-07-27Adjust styles [ci skip]Nobuyoshi Nakada
2022-07-21Expand tabs [ci skip]Takashi Kokubun
2022-07-13GVL Instrumentation: remove the EXITED count assertionJean Boussier
2022-07-07thread_pthread.c: call SUSPENDED event when entering native_sleepJean Boussier
2022-07-06thread_pthread.c: Remove useless call to pthread_rwlock_initJean Boussier
2022-06-17GVL Instrumentation API: add STARTED and EXITED eventsJean Boussier
2022-06-15Remove unused rb_thread_create_mjit_threadTakashi Kokubun
2022-06-07thread_pthread.c: trigger THREAD_EVENT_READY when going throuhg the fast path.Jean Boussier
2022-06-03[Feature #18339] GVL Instrumentation APIJean Boussier
2022-05-27Support old Mac OS X SDK and gccNobuyoshi Nakada
2022-05-24altstack is native thread's attrKoichi Sasada
2022-05-24remove `DEBUG_OUT()` macroKoichi Sasada
2022-05-24use `RUBY_DEBUG_LOG` instead of `thread_debug`Koichi Sasada
2022-05-24remove `NON_SCALAR_THREAD_ID` supportKoichi Sasada
2022-05-23Support old Mac OS XNobuyoshi Nakada
2022-05-22Revert broken thread_pthread.c in 539459abda3Nobuyoshi Nakada
2022-05-22Ruby31: add support for Darwin ppc/ppc64 (#5927)Sergey Fedorov
2022-04-22Fix build if UBF_TIMER == UBF_TIMER_PTHREADJeremy Evans
2022-04-23introduce struct `rb_native_thread`Koichi Sasada
2022-04-22rename thread internal namingKoichi Sasada
2022-04-14fix to use `node.gvl` instead of `node.ubf`Koichi Sasada
2022-03-30Prefix ccan headers (#4568)Nobuyoshi Nakada
2022-01-19thread.c: put platform specific part in each impl fileYuta Saito
2021-11-08[Feature #18290] Remove all usages of rb_gc_force_recyclePeter Zhu
2021-09-10include/ruby/internal/interpreter.h: add doxygen卜部昌平
2021-08-16Suppress unused-variable warningsNobuyoshi Nakada
2021-07-01Replace copy coroutine with pthread implementation.Samuel Williams
2021-06-09POSIX timer cannot be shared in forked process [Bug #17941]Nobuyoshi Nakada
2021-06-01Make `Thread#native_thread_id` not-implemented if unsupportedNobuyoshi Nakada
2021-05-26Add Thread#native_thread_id [Feature #17853]NARUSE, Yui
2021-05-04Fix -Wundef warnings for patterns `#if HAVE`Benoit Daloze
2021-02-02add debug code for timer_posixKoichi Sasada
2021-01-23thread_pthread.c: pthread_kill is not available on emscriptenYusuke Endoh
2020-11-11introduce USE_VM_CLOCK for windows.Koichi Sasada
2020-10-20Use language TLS specifier if it is possible.Koichi Sasada
2020-09-03Introduce Ractor mechanism for parallel executionKoichi Sasada
2020-05-01Get rid of -Wgnu-folding-constant errorsNobuyoshi Nakada
2020-04-23Fixed inverted current thread condition [Bug #16808]Nobuyoshi Nakada
2020-04-23Truncate too long thread name before setting [Bug #16808]Nobuyoshi Nakada
2020-03-06thread_pthread.c: allocate sigaltstack before pthread_createYusuke Endoh
2020-02-07more on NULL versus functions.卜部昌平
2019-08-27rb_thread_create now free from ANYARGS卜部昌平
2019-06-19* expand tabs.git
2019-06-19Remove IA64 support.Samuel Williams
2019-06-19* remove trailing spaces, expand tabs.git
2019-06-19Fix handling of vm_stack_size and avoid trying to deallocate it.Samuel Williams
2019-05-25* expand tabs.git
2019-05-24Fix process not waking up on signals on OpenBSDJeremy Evans
2019-01-04introduce rb_nogvl C-API to mark ubf as async-signal-safenormal