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2014-10-10ruby/ruby.h: eliminate disabled function callnobu
2014-10-07normalize reference to Timeout::Errornormal
2014-09-21* thread_pthread.c (native_set_thread_name): New function toakr
2014-09-11* vm.c (rb_vm_register_special_exception): make new function toko1
2014-07-30thread.c, vm_method.c: avoid inadvertent pin-downnobu
2014-07-30thread.c: fix indentnobu
2014-07-20thread.c: use RUBY_VM_CHECK_INTSnobu
2014-07-09* parse.y: change Symbol <-> ID relationship to avoidko1
2014-06-13* vm_trace.c: clear and restore recursive checking thread local datako1
2014-06-11thread.c: fix for non-scalar pthread_tnobu
2014-06-11thread_pthread.c: timer thread flagnobu
2014-06-11thread.c: fix thread ID formatnobu
2014-05-31* thread.c (rb_thread_atfork_internal): My compiler complainsshyouhei
2014-05-29* vm_trace.c, vm.c, thread.c: get rid of (maybe false positive) warnings aboutusa
2014-05-28vm.c: remove rb_vm_living_threads_foreach functionnormal
2014-05-26thread.c: inspect locationnobu
2014-05-26thread.c: preserve encodingnobu
2014-05-14* ext/openssl/depend: remove dependency from internal headers.ko1
2014-05-10vm*: doubly-linked list from ccan to manage vm->living_threadsnormal
2014-05-10thread.c: always deliver signal immediatelynobu
2014-05-10thread.c: stop if forked in a sub-threadnobu
2014-03-26* parse.y: support Symbol GC. [ruby-trunk Feature #9634]nari
2014-02-27adjust indent and stylenobu
2014-02-26* thread.c: [DOC] Typo in comment for _FORTIFY_SOURCE [Fixes GH-548]zzak
2014-02-14* include/ruby/intern.h,akr
2014-01-28vm_core.h: rb_thread_struct::machinenobu
2013-12-13thread.c: reduce tags and stacknobu
2013-12-06thread.c: compare_by_idnobu
2013-11-29ruby/ruby.h: RB_BLOCK_CALL_FUNC_ARGLISTnobu
2013-11-29ruby/ruby.h: add blockarg to rb_block_call_funcnobu
2013-11-16* thread_pthread.c (thread_create_core): Ditto.akr
2013-11-09* thread.c: [DOC] Remove duplicate referencezzak
2013-10-31* thread.c (rb_mutex_struct): reduce rb_mutex_t size by 8 byteskosaki
2013-10-29* add RUBY_TYPED_FREE_IMMEDIATELY to data types which only useko1
2013-10-24* thread.c (rb_thread_terminate_all): add a comment why we needkosaki
2013-10-24* thread.c (rb_thread_terminate_all): add a comment why infinitekosaki
2013-10-22* vm_trace.c: exterminate Zombies.ko1
2013-10-10vm_trace.c: fix infinite hooknobu
2013-10-09compar.c: fail if recursionnobu
2013-10-05thread.c: fix some mutexes remaining locked after forkingnobu
2013-09-25* include/ruby/ruby.h: rename RARRAY_RAWPTR() to RARRAY_CONST_PTR().ko1
2013-09-10* thread.c (rb_mutex_unlock): Mutex#unlock no longer raisekosaki
2013-09-06* use RUNRUBY instead of MINIRUBY because MINIRUBY can'tglass
2013-08-18* error.c, file.c, gc.c, hash.c, thread.c, variable.c, vm_eval.c, bin/erb:ktsj
2013-08-08* thread.c (rb_threadptr_pending_interrupt_check_mask):ko1
2013-08-07* thread.c (thread_start_func_2): use RARRAY_RAWPTR() instead ofko1
2013-07-23* thread_(pthread|win32).h: rename rb_thread_cond_t toko1
2013-07-23* thread_native.h: added.ko1
2013-07-15* thread.c (mutex_sleep): [DOC] Awake thread will reacquire lockzzak
2013-07-02internal.h: use built-in encoding indexesnobu