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2012-01-03merge revision(s) 33030:kosaki
2011-09-14merge revision(s) 33266:kosaki
2011-09-12* Backport r33231.kosaki
2011-09-12merge revision(s) 33256:kosaki
2011-08-30merge revision(s) 33132:kosaki
2011-08-30merge revision(s) 33128:kosaki
2011-08-30* backport r33117 from trunk.kosaki
2011-07-21* backport r32597 from trunk.mame
2011-07-10* thread_pthread.c (mutex_debug): use exit(EXIT_FAILURE) instad ofkosaki
2011-07-10* vm_core.h (typedef struct rb_vm_struct): create a newkosaki
2011-07-08* thread.c (cmp_tv, subtract_tv): no longer used on Win32.nobu
2011-07-08* thread.c (rb_mutex_unlock_all): folded intokosaki
2011-07-08* thread.c (thread_unlock_all_locking_mutexes): rename tokosaki
2011-07-01* thread.c (do_select): fix memory leak.kosaki
2011-06-30* thread.c (rb_threadptr_check_signal): only wake up main thread.ko1
2011-06-30* vm_insnhelper.c (vm_call_bmethod): fix to hook call/return eventko1
2011-06-29 * thread.c (ruby_thread_s_pass): Fix typo.drbrain
2011-06-29* thread.c (rb_threadptr_execute_interrupts_common): removekosaki
2011-06-29* thread.c (rb_thread_schedule_limits): minor optimization.kosaki
2011-06-29* thread.c (rb_thread_schedule_rec): move interrupt_flag check tokosaki
2011-06-29* thread.c (thread_s_pass): change RDoc description and removekosaki
2011-06-29* thread.c (rb_thread_stop): change RDoc sample code. The oldkosaki
2011-06-29* thread.c (rb_thread_wakeup): change RDoc sample code. The oldkosaki
2011-06-29* thread.c (rb_thread_run): change RDoc. The old example is buggykosaki
2011-06-27* thread.c (rb_thread_local_aref): RDoc fix. Thread#[] example nahi
2011-06-27* thread_pthread.c: Stop polling in the timer thread when there areko1
2011-06-25* thread.c (sleep_forever): now Kernel#sleep don't wakeup bynagachika
2011-06-25* thread.c (rb_threadptr_check_signal): remove unnecessary th->statusnagachika
2011-06-18* eval.c, hash.c, load.c, proc.c, range.c, thread.c, time.c: don'takr
2011-06-18* method.h, internal.h iseq.h: declare internal functions.akr
2011-06-18* internal.h: declare more internal functions.akr
2011-06-17* internal.h: declare internal functions here.akr
2011-06-16* thread.c (rb_thread_schedule_rec): fix {UN,}LIKELY macro misuse.kosaki
2011-06-16* fix for build on solaris 10.nobu
2011-06-15* thread.c (do_select): Windows: no need to poll if select(2) isusa
2011-06-15* thread.c: remove BLOCKING_REGION_CORE() macro. It's no longer usedkosaki
2011-06-13* thread.c (rb_thread_schedule_rec): call gvl_yield() unconditionally.kosaki
2011-06-13* thread_pthread.c: rewrite GVL completely.kosaki
2011-06-12* thread.c: remove th->transition_for_lock. It's thread unsafe.kosaki
2011-06-12* thread.c: introduce spurious wakeup safe deadlock check.kosaki
2011-06-11* thread.c (rb_thread_execute_interrupts): use GetThreadPtr to extractakr
2011-06-09* io.c: fix IO.copy_stream interrupt handling.akr
2011-06-09* gc.c (rb_objspace_call_finalizer): use rb_typeddata_is_kind_of() fornagachika
2011-05-26* thread.c (ppoll): typo bug fix.nagai
2011-05-21* thread.c (Init_Thread): add a code comment why the meaninglesskosaki
2011-05-18* eval.c (setup_exception): internal exception should be hiddennobu
2011-05-17* thread.c (rb_mutex_lock): remove remove_signal_thread_list() call.kosaki
2011-05-15* include/ruby/intern.h: resurrect old rb_fd_copy().kosaki
2011-05-15* include/ruby/intern.h: remove rb_fd_copy() to rb_fd_dup() andkosaki