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2009-08-05* range.c (range_eql, range_eq): fixed equality to work formatz
2009-08-05Fix test for previous commit.naruse
2009-08-04* lib/pp.rb (guard_inspect_key): untrust internal hash to preventmame
2009-08-02* random.c (rb_random_int): arguments have to be converted tonobu
2009-08-02* test/ruby/test_rand.rb: add tests for Random#float's rejectionmame
2009-08-02* random.c (rand_int): prevent from GC.nobu
2009-07-30* test/ruby/test_module.rb (test_ancestors, test_included_modules):mame
2009-07-30* test/ruby/test_rand.rb: add tests for Random class.mame
2009-07-30* transcode.c: added check for frozen string for encode! (see Bug #1836)duerst
2009-07-30* insns.def (defineclass): preserve encoding of class/modulenobu
2009-07-30add a test.xibbar
2009-07-30* lib/cgi/util.rb (CGI::unescape): support encoding option.xibbar
2009-07-28* proc.c (rb_method_entry_arity): support optimized method (send).ko1
2009-07-27* lib/rdoc/parser.rb (RDoc::Parser.binary?): fix for empty files.nobu
2009-07-26* io.c (argf_eof): go to the next file if called after ARGF.closenobu
2009-07-26* vm_insnhelper.c (vm_call_method): __send__ can call protectednobu
2009-07-25* io.c (argf_eof): should not have reached EOF before trying tonobu
2009-07-25* complex.c (nucomp_hash), rational.c (nurat_hash): not to usenobu
2009-07-24* enc/trans/big5.trans, big5-hkscs-tbl.rb:duerst
2009-07-24* lib/net/imap.rb (idle): leaves IDLE in a ensure clause. a patchshugo
2009-07-23* lib/net/imap.rb (resp_text_code): accepts response codes withoutshugo
2009-07-22* test/ruby/test_module.rb (TestModule#test_alias): warningmatz
2009-07-22* test/ruby/test_enum.rb (TestEnumerable#each): recursive join nowmatz
2009-07-22* vm_core.h (struct rb_iseq_t): add a new field line_no. This fieldmame
2009-07-21* test/ruby/test_rand.rb (test_big_seed): tests also instance methods.nobu
2009-07-21* random.c (rand_init): array length of random seed was broken, whichmame
2009-07-21* ext/win32ole/win32ole.c (vtdate2rbtime): VT_DATE variant object suke
2009-07-20* compile.c (compile_dstr_fragments): reduced needless literal.nobu
2009-07-19Use UDP for sendmsg/recvmsg tests.akr
2009-07-19* io.c (io_read): should taint the result. [ruby-dev:38826]nobu
2009-07-19* vm_method.c (me_opts): fixed optimized method aliasing.nobu
2009-07-19* test_socket.rb (test_udp_server): cannot check the existance of sendmsg byusa
2009-07-17fix skip condition.akr
2009-07-17 * ext/socket/socket.c (socket_s_ip_address_list): drop inactiveusa
2009-07-17* array.c (recursive_hash): reject recursive key.akr
2009-07-17* array.c (recursive_join): raise ArgumentError for joiningmatz
2009-07-17remove test for recursive hash key. [ruby-core:22921]akr
2009-07-16* test/win32ole/test_win32ole.rb (test_s_codepage_changed,suke
2009-07-16* id.c (Init_id), vm.c (vm_exec): @#__ThrowState__ is no longernobu
2009-07-16* vm_method.c (rb_alias): fix a case which try non-existing method alias.ko1
2009-07-16* io.c (io_reopen): discards read buffer. [ruby-core:24240]nobu
2009-07-16* random.c (rb_random_t): objectified. [EXPERIMENTAL]nobu
2009-07-14Set tempfile name with literal.naruse
2009-07-14* io.c (rb_io_initialize): check if the descriptor can be accessednobu
2009-07-13Follow tests for changes of ENV's encoding.naruse
2009-07-13* test/ruby/test_case.rb (TestCase#test_deoptimization):yugui
2009-07-13* lib/prime.rb (Prime#prime_division): now decomposesyugui
2009-07-11* test/ruby/test_io_m17n.rb (test_strip_bom): added.naruse
2009-07-10* array.c (ary_join_1): should recurse for element array.nobu
2009-07-10* ext/readline/extconf.rb: checked rl_refresh_line in readline.kouji