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2010-08-07* test/ruby/envutil.rb (assert_normal_exit): use assert. fixakr
2010-08-06* rational.c (nurat_div): divided by infinity should be zero.nobu
2010-08-06* rational.c (nurat_div): divided by float zero should benobu
2010-08-05* compile.c (NODE_ARGSCAT, NODE_ARGSPUSH): drop unused ARGSCATmame
2010-08-05* compile.c (NODE_ARGSCAT, NODE_ARGSPUSH): revert r28870 and r28873mame
2010-08-05* compile.c (iseq_compile_each): to_a method should be called.nobu
2010-08-05* compile.c (iseq_compile_each): drop unused ARGSCAT results.nobu
2010-08-05* complex.c (nucomp_marshal_load): should check the argument.nobu
2010-08-05* marshal.c (w_float): should not append a dot if no fractal partnobu
2010-08-05* string.c (rb_str_set_len): should fail to modify shared string.nobu
2010-08-04 * string.c (rb_str_resize): reverted r28851. rb_str_resize cannotnobu
2010-08-04* string.c (rb_str_resize): should copy the content properly. anobu
2010-08-03add tests.akr
2010-08-03* random.c (Init_Random): add Random::DEFAULT.nobu
2010-08-03* bignum.c (rb_big_eq): never equal to infinity.nobu
2010-08-02* file.c (file_expand_path): wrong condition. [ruby-core:31591]usa
2010-08-01* bignum.c (big_op): comparison of bignum and infinity has returned 1mame
2010-07-29* file.c (file_expand_path): home directory must be absolute.nobu
2010-07-29* file.c (file_expand_path): should check if could find user.nobu
2010-07-29* util.c (ruby_add_suffix): fixed a bug returning uninitializednobu
2010-07-28add a test.akr
2010-07-24* numeric.c (flo_cmp): honor the result of infinite? method of thenobu
2010-07-24* test/ruby/envutil.rb (EnvUtil#.suppress_warning): added.nobu
2010-07-23* lib/mutex_m.rb (sleep): added Mutex_m#sleep to support ConditionVariable.shugo
2010-07-22* re.c (rb_reg_expr_str): fix broken Regexp#inspect when itnaruse
2010-07-22 * test/ruby/test_rubyoptions.rb (test_unused_variable): unusednobu
2010-07-21* sprintf.c: add short documentation about named reference.naruse
2010-07-21* vm_method.c (rb_method_boundp): revert r28543, r28564.naruse
2010-07-20Pull rubygem's custom require into gem_preludeevan
2010-07-20* io.c (io_flush_buffer): write and buffer operations should benobu
2010-07-20* lib/fileutils.rb (FileUtils::Entry_#copy): check file namenobu
2010-07-17* lib/test/unit.rb (MiniTest::Unit#process_args): refactored.nobu
2010-07-17* lib/test/unit.rb: MiniTest::Unit is different class fromnobu
2010-07-16* lib/test/unit.rb, bin/testrb, test/runner.rb: revert r28655, whichmame
2010-07-16* lib/test/unit.rb (Test::Unit.setup_argv): run tests only whennobu
2010-07-15* regexec.c (onig_search): don't skip non-ANYCHARs whennaruse
2010-07-14* lib/rdoc/markup/attribute_manager.rb: fixing ri output when specialtenderlove
2010-07-14* time.c (guess_local_offset): use the UTC offset of an older date onakr
2010-07-14* time.c (localtime_with_gmtoff_zone): renamed fromakr
2010-07-14* eval.c (frame_func_id), vm_eval.c (rb_iterate),nobu
2010-07-11* test/rdoc/test_rdoc_ri_driver.rb (test_formatter): add a test. amame
2010-07-09* time.c (find_time_t): 24:00 should be the beginning of the nextakr
2010-07-08* ext/psych/lib/psych/visitors/emitter.rb (initialize): line_width istenderlove
2010-07-08* ext/psych/emitter.c (line_width, set_line_width): preferred line maytenderlove
2010-07-07* ext/psych/lib/psych/visitors/yaml_tree.rb (push): adding versiontenderlove
2010-07-07* ext/psych/lib/psych/visitors/emitter.rb: sending emit options totenderlove
2010-07-07* strftime.c (rb_strftime_with_timespec): support %:z and %::z.akr
2010-07-07* gem_prelude.rb: provide workaround for gem activation. Currently,mame
2010-07-07* vm_method.c (rb_method_boundp): respond_to?(:protected_method,knu
2010-07-07* ext/zlib/zlib.c (gzfile_raise): add invalid header tonobu