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2003-12-09make case insensitive for host-part.akira
2003-12-09add test for previous change to io.c.akr
2003-12-08 * lib/test/unit/assertions.rb: renamed #assert_raises to #assert_raisentalbott
2003-12-08 * lib/soap/rpc/standaloneServer.rb: add 'shutdown' and 'status'nahi
2003-12-08* lib/uri/common.rb: new method URI.regexp. [ruby-dev:22121]aamine
2003-12-05* lib/test/unit/assertions.rb (Test::Unit::Assertions::assert_raises,nobu
2003-12-05 * lib/soap/netHttpClient.rb: proxy support did not work. fixed.nahi
2003-12-05* test/ruby/test_pipe.rb: use IO.pipe instead of IO.popen.akr
2003-12-05* ext/stringio/stringio.c (strio_read): follow IO#read.nobu
2003-12-04* test/fileutils/test_fileutils.rb (test_cp): test if the error is kind of Sy...aamine
2003-12-04 * lib/soap/soap.rb: add SOAP::Env module for environment repositorynahi
2003-12-03* io.c (argf_read): should not terminate on empty string; waitmatz
2003-12-02* bin/testrb: new test runner. [ruby-core:01845]nobu
2003-12-02* test/fileutils/test_fileutils.rb: check if Pathnames are usable for arguments.aamine
2003-12-01 * lib/test/unit/assertions.rb: fixed #assert_no_match message.ntalbott
2003-12-01* numeric.c (num_sadded): prohibit singleton method definition formatz
2003-12-01* lib/fileutils.rb (fu_each_src_dest0): call #to_str to allow Pathname for ar...aamine
2003-11-30 * lib/soap/encodingstyle/soapHandler.rb: refactoring - Simplifyingnahi
2003-11-28* test/fileutils/test_fileutils.rb (test_ln_s): should be a file, noteban
2003-11-28* test/ruby/test_env.rb (test_has_value, test_index): condition fornobu
2003-11-28* test/ruby/test_env.rb: add tests for ENV.usa
2003-11-28* lib/soap/streamHandler.rb: drop unused http parameters.nahi
2003-11-27* test/ruby/test_proc.rb (test_arity): added.nobu
2003-11-26* test/fileutils/test_fileutils.rb: should take the existing symboliceban
2003-11-25* test/fileutils/test_fileutils.rb: do test in more deep directory.aamine
2003-11-25* test/fileutils/test_fileutils.rb: chdir Dir.tmpdir before each test. [ruby-...aamine
2003-11-25* test/wsdl/multiplefault.wsdl, test/wsdl/test_multiplefault.rb: removed. thisnahi
2003-11-25* lib/soap/**/*.rb, lib/wsdl/**/*.rb, lib/xsd/**/*.rb: changed license; GPL2 ...nahi
2003-11-22* gc.c (Init_stack): stack region is far smaller than usual ifmatz
2003-11-21 * lib/test/unit/util/backtracefilter.rb: fixed a bug that occurredntalbott
2003-11-20* lib/fileutils.rb (have_st_ino?): emx (OS/2 with EMX) does not have st_ino (...aamine
2003-11-18* lib/fileutils.rb (fu_same?): check by inode instead of path name, to detect...aamine
2003-11-18* test/stringio/test_stringio.rb: imported from [ruby-dev:21941].nobu
2003-11-18* lib/fileutils.rb (fu_each_src_dest): raise if src==dest. [ruby-talk:85344] ...aamine
2003-11-12* test/monitor/test_monitor.rb: fix the timing problem by Queue.shugo
2003-11-12* test/monitor/test_monitor.rb: added.shugo
2003-11-08 * lib/test/unit/assertions.rb: un-deprecated #assert_not_nil tontalbott
2003-11-08* test/wsdl/raa/*: add new testcase for WSDL loading, parsing and reading.nahi
2003-11-05* lib/optparse.rb (OptionParser::Switch::PlacedArgument::parse):nobu
2003-10-31* lib/soap/mapping/factory.rb: mark marshalled basetype objects whennahi
2003-10-30* lib/soap/generator.rb: better XML pretty printing.nahi
2003-10-30add test Hash#each, and change load_limitseki
2003-10-30* io.c (READ_DATA_BUFFERED): new macro to detect whether stdiomatz
2003-10-29* eval.c (proc_invoke): single array value to normal Proc#callmatz
2003-10-29* test/drb/drbtest.rb: use rbconfig.rb to make the path of ruby interpreter tonahi
2003-10-28change yield2 test. [ruby-dev:21739]seki
2003-10-28* parse.y (new_yield): remove magic argument rule; "yield [1,2]"matz
2003-10-26add yield test for [ruby-dev:21707]seki
2003-10-24* hash.c (rb_hash_each): Hash#each should yield single value.matz