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2020-03-28Clean up /tmp leftovers in ci.rvm.jpTakashi Kokubun
2020-03-27Set external encoding correctly for'f', FILE::BINARY) on WindowsJeremy Evans
Previously, the external encoding was only set correctly for File::BINARY if keyword arguments were provided. This copies the logic for the keyword arguments case to the no keyword arguments case. Possibly it should be refactored into a separate function. Fixes [Bug #16737] Notes: Merged:
2020-03-27[ruby/reline] Suppress $/ warningsNobuyoshi Nakada
2020-03-27test/digest/test_digest.rb: Apply EnvUtil.apply_timeout_scale to timeoutYusuke Endoh
The test seems to fail sometimes due to a warning message of circular require on very slow machine. ``` 1) Failure: TestDigest::TestDigestParen#test_race_mixed [/export/home/rubyci/unstable10s/tmp/build/20200326T091911Z/ruby/test/digest/test_digest.rb:263]: assert_separately failed with error message pid 12458 exit 0 | /export/home/rubyci/unstable10s/tmp/build/20200326T091911Z/ruby/.ext/common/digest.rb:17: warning: /export/home/rubyci/unstable10s/tmp/build/20200326T091911Z/ruby/.ext/common/digest.rb:17: warning: loading in progress, circular require considered harmful - /export/home/rubyci/unstable10s/tmp/build/20200326T091911Z/ruby/test/digest/digest/foo.rb | from -:10:in `block (2 levels) in <main>' | from /export/home/rubyci/unstable10s/tmp/build/20200326T091911Z/ruby/.ext/common/digest.rb:17:in `const_missing' | from /export/home/rubyci/unstable10s/tmp/build/20200326T091911Z/ruby/.ext/common/digest.rb:17:in `require' | ```
2020-03-26Added implictily require for URI::HTTPHiroshi SHIBATA
2020-03-26[ruby/uri] Add support for WebSocketsMatt Muller
2020-03-26[ruby/reline] Add a comment why rescue yamatanooroti loading error on the testaycabta
2020-03-26[ruby/reline] Rename test suite name of yamatanooroti testaycabta
2020-03-26[ruby/reline] Add yamatanooroti rendering testaycabta
2020-03-26[ruby/reline] Suppress error in case INPUTRC env is emptyaycabta
2020-03-26[ruby/reline] Work with wrong $/ value correctlyaycabta
2020-03-26[ruby/irb] Suppress crashing when EncodingError has occurred without linenoaycabta
2020-03-25Ignore test_getbinaryfile for --jit-waitTakashi Kokubun
To fix this properly, we'd need to configure timeout for the server and the client because waiting for compilation takes time. Until we figure out how to do it, let me skip this.
2020-03-25Make RbConfig::CONFIG values mutable [Bug #16738]Nobuyoshi Nakada
As `RbConfig.expand` modifies the argument and involved `CONFIG` values, its values should be mutable.
2020-03-25Fixed crash when argument array is modifiedNobuyoshi Nakada
2020-03-24Skip a test that attempts to remove the current directory on SolarisYusuke Endoh
2020-03-24test/rubygems: Try not only /usr/bin/env but also /bin/envYusuke Endoh
RubyGems chooses available one from the two: /usr/bin/env or /bin/env So, it is good not to hard-code /usr/bin/env in tests. This is a retry of 65201c054a90c8e7beb8fe1e6d0006541ac33449 which was accidentally deleted by 96064e6f1ce100a37680dc8f9509f06b3350e9c8
2020-03-24Sync rubygems with current master (#2889)David Rodríguez
Notes: Merged-By: hsbt <>
2020-03-24test/json/test_helper.rb: Do not add a relative path to $LOAD_PATHYusuke Endoh
... because it conflicts with test/ruby/test_m17n.rb. An exception `incompatible character encodings: UTF-8 and UTF-16BE` occurs when: * a non-existence relative path is added to $LOAD_PATH, * ASCII-incompatible encoding is set to default_external, and * some file is loaded. ``` $LOAD_PATH << "no_existing_dir" Encoding.default_external = Encoding::UTF_16BE load "dummy.rb" #=> incompatible character encodings: UTF-8 and UTF-16BE ``` This issue can be actually observed by a combination of out-of-place build and the following command: make test-all TESTS="json ruby/m17n -n test_object_inspect_external" ASCII-incompatible default external encoding assumes that the cwd is the encoding, and it is attempted to beconcatenated with a non-existence relative LOAD_PATH UTF-8 string, which causes the exception. This changeset avoids a relative path.
2020-03-23test/ruby/test_m17n.rb: Update the debugging code to get C stacktraceYusuke Endoh
2020-03-23test/ruby/test_m17n.rb: Make the debugging code print to stderrYusuke Endoh
The test is executed with -j8, so printing someting to stdout may break.
2020-03-22Merge pull request #2721 from jeremyevans/method-inspect-chain-alias-11188Jeremy Evans
Correctly show defined class for aliases of aliases Notes: Merged-By: jeremyevans <>
2020-03-22Support obj.clone(freeze: true) for freezing cloneJeremy Evans
This freezes the clone even if the receiver is not frozen. It is only for consistency with freeze: false not freezing the clone even if the receiver is frozen. Because Object#clone is now partially implemented in Ruby and not fully implemented in C, freeze: nil must be supported to provide the default behavior of only freezing the clone if the receiver is frozen. This requires modifying delegate and set, to set freeze: nil instead of freeze: true as the keyword parameter for initialize_clone. Those are the two libraries in stdlib that override initialize_clone. Implements [Feature #16175] Notes: Merged:
2020-03-22test/ruby/test_m17n.rb: Add a temporal code for debuggingYusuke Endoh ``` I, [2020-03-22T22:15:50.761950 #23076] INFO -- : 1) Error: I, [2020-03-22T22:15:50.761963 #23076] INFO -- : TestM17N#test_object_inspect_external: I, [2020-03-22T22:15:50.761974 #23076] INFO -- : Encoding::CompatibilityError: incompatible character encodings: UTF-8 and UTF-16BE ```
2020-03-22test/ruby/test_fiber.rb (test_many_fibers_with_threads): relax timeoutYusuke Endoh
This test takes 40..50 seconds under Solaris 11, so the timeout (60 seconds) was too strict. This change increases it to 180 seconds. ``` 1) Error: TestFiber#test_many_fibers_with_threads: Timeout::Error: execution of assert_normal_exit expired timeout (60 sec) ```
2020-03-21test/net/http/test_http.rb: relax open_timeout limitYusuke Endoh
The test fails randomly on the CI of OpenCSW SPARC Solaris 10: ``` 1) Failure: TestNetHTTP_v1_2_chunked#test_timeout_during_HTTP_session [/export/home/rubyci/unstable10s/tmp/build/20200321T091909Z/ruby/test/net/http/test_http.rb:575]: [Net::ReadTimeout] exception expected, not #<Net::OpenTimeout: execution expired>. ``` The environment uses RUBY_TEST_SUBPROCESS_TIMEOUT_SCALE=20, so the open timeout 0.1 sec. means 2.0 sec. for the environment, but it seems too strict because the environment is painfully slow.
2020-03-21test/openssl/test_ssl.rb: ignore SSLError when the connection is closedYusuke Endoh
"test_close_after_socket_close" checks if ssl.close is no-op even after the wrapped socket is closed. The test itself is fair, but the other endpoint that is reading the SSL connection may fail with SSLError: "SSL_read: unexpected eof while reading" in some environments: (MinGW) ``` 1) Failure: OpenSSL::TestSSL#test_close_after_socket_close [D:/a/ruby/ruby/src/test/openssl/utils.rb:299]: exceptions on 1 threads: SSL_read: unexpected eof while reading ``` This changeset rescues and ignores the SSLError in the test.
2020-03-18Ignore TestJITDebug in mswin RubyCI for nowTakashi Kokubun
It's still pending to be implemented. To be enabled later when it's implemented.
2020-03-17Reduce allocations for keyword argument hashesJeremy Evans
Previously, passing a keyword splat to a method always allocated a hash on the caller side, and accepting arbitrary keywords in a method allocated a separate hash on the callee side. Passing explicit keywords to a method that accepted a keyword splat did not allocate a hash on the caller side, but resulted in two hashes allocated on the callee side. This commit makes passing a single keyword splat to a method not allocate a hash on the caller side. Passing multiple keyword splats or a mix of explicit keywords and a keyword splat still generates a hash on the caller side. On the callee side, if arbitrary keywords are not accepted, it does not allocate a hash. If arbitrary keywords are accepted, it will allocate a hash, but this commit uses a callinfo flag to indicate whether the caller already allocated a hash, and if so, the callee can use the passed hash without duplicating it. So this commit should make it so that a maximum of a single hash is allocated during method calls. To set the callinfo flag appropriately, method call argument compilation checks if only a single keyword splat is given. If only one keyword splat is given, the VM_CALL_KW_SPLAT_MUT callinfo flag is not set, since in that case the keyword splat is passed directly and not mutable. If more than one splat is used, a new hash needs to be generated on the caller side, and in that case the callinfo flag is set, indicating the keyword splat is mutable by the callee. In compile_hash, used for both hash and keyword argument compilation, if compiling keyword arguments and only a single keyword splat is used, pass the argument directly. On the caller side, in vm_args.c, the callinfo flag needs to be recognized and handled. Because the keyword splat argument may not be a hash, it needs to be converted to a hash first if not. Then, unless the callinfo flag is set, the hash needs to be duplicated. The temporary copy of the callinfo flag, kw_flag, is updated if a hash was duplicated, to prevent the need to duplicate it again. If we are converting to a hash or duplicating a hash, we need to update the argument array, which can including duplicating the positional splat array if one was passed. CALLER_SETUP_ARG and a couple other places needs to be modified to handle similar issues for other types of calls. This includes fairly comprehensive tests for different ways keywords are handled internally, checking that you get equal results but that keyword splats on the caller side result in distinct objects for keyword rest parameters. Included are benchmarks for keyword argument calls. Brief results when compiled without optimization: def kw(a: 1) a end def kws(**kw) kw end h = {a: 1} kw(a: 1) # about same kw(**h) # 2.37x faster kws(a: 1) # 1.30x faster kws(**h) # 2.19x faster kw(a: 1, **h) # 1.03x slower kw(**h, **h) # about same kws(a: 1, **h) # 1.16x faster kws(**h, **h) # 1.14x faster Notes: Merged:
2020-03-17Make {**{}} return unfrozen empty hashJeremy Evans
Previously, method call keyword splats and hash keyword splats were compiled exactly the same. This is because parse-wise, they operate on indentical nodes when it comes to compiling the **{}. Fix this by using an ugly hack of temporarily modifying the nd_brace flag in the method call keyword splat case. Inside compile_hash, only optimize the **{} case for hashes where the nd_brace flag has been modified to reflect we are in the method call keyword splat case and it is safe to do so. Since compile_keyword_args is only called in one place, move the keyword_node_p call out of that method to the single caller to avoid duplicating the code. Notes: Merged:
2020-03-16`Proc` made by `Hash#to_proc` should be a lambda [Bug #12671]Yusuke Endoh
Like `Symbol#to_proc` (f0b815dc670b61eba1daaa67a8613ac431d32b16)
2020-03-16hash.c: Do not use the fast path (rb_yield_values) for lambda blocksYusuke Endoh
As a semantics, Hash#each yields a 2-element array (pairs of keys and values). So, `{ a: 1 }.each(&->(k, v) { })` should raise an exception due to lambda's arity check. However, the optimization that avoids Array allocation by using rb_yield_values for blocks whose arity is more than 1 (introduced at b9d29603375d17c3d1d609d9662f50beaec61fa1 and some commits), seemed to overlook the lambda case, and wrongly allowed the code above to work. This change experimentally attempts to make it strict; now the code above raises an ArgumentError. This is an incompatible change; if the compatibility issue is bigger than our expectation, it may be reverted (until Ruby 3.0 release). [Bug #12706]
2020-03-15[ruby/stringio] StringIO#initialize default to the source string encodingJean Boussier
[Bug #16497]
2020-03-14Resurrect test_jit_debug.rbTakashi Kokubun
Revert "Temporarily drop test_jit_debug.rb" This reverts commit 5437d7c879585fbdb0c294298eb76cc563e01c69. Skipped some CIs which were failing previously.
2020-03-12Skip test_abort_tls with --jit-wait for nowTakashi Kokubun
Perhaps the server blocks for an unexpectedly long time by waiting for JIT. As it's usually passing, I don't think it's detecting a bug.
2020-03-12Update some syslog tests to absurb the format change of FreeBSD syslogYusuke Endoh
FreeBSD ``` $ ruby -rsyslog -e '"rubyspec", Syslog::LOG_PERROR) {|s| s.log(Syslog::LOG_ALERT, "Hello") }' rubyspec 78462 - - Hello ``` Linux ``` $ ruby -rsyslog -e '"rubyspec", Syslog::LOG_PERROR) {|s| s.log(Syslog::LOG_ALERT, "Hello") }' rubyspec: Hello ```
2020-03-10Let Net::HTTP.get take request headers (#2957)Takashi Kokubun
* Let Net::HTTP.get take request headers * Add more test cases for no header usages * Add examples with request headers * Add a NEWS entry [ci skip] [Feature #16686] Notes: Merged-By: k0kubun <>
2020-03-11fix bug on method cache invalidation.Koichi Sasada
To invalidate cached method entry, existing method entry (ment) is marked as invalidated and replace with copied ment. However, complemented method entry (method entries in Module) should not be set to Module's m_tbl. [Bug #16669]
2020-03-10openssl: sync with upstream repositoryKazuki Yamaguchi
Import current master (2c43241dc0ed) of ruby/openssl.git. Below are the commits that were made since the last batch at commit b99775b163ce (ruby/openssl.git commit f49e7110ca1e). Note that some of them have been applied already. ---------------------------------------------------------------- Benoit Daloze (1): Remove redundant and ignored workflow file DBL-Lee (1): add support for SHA512_256/SHA512_224 Hiroshi SHIBATA (2): Guard for OpenSSL::PKey::EC::Group::Error with unsupported platforms Fixed inconsistency directory structure with ruby/ruby repo Jeremy Evans (2): Fix keyword argument separation issues in OpenSSL::SSL::SSLSocket#sys{read,write}_nonblock Remove taint support Kazuki Yamaguchi (26): config: support .include directive random: make OpenSSL::Random.pseudo_bytes alias of .random_bytes extconf.rb: get rid of -Werror=deprecated-declarations test/openssl/test_ssl: skip test_fallback_scsv if necessary ts: simplify OpenSSL::Timestamp::Request#algorithm add missing references to GitHub issues config: deprecate OpenSSL::Config#add_value and #[]= test/openssl/test_ssl: remove sleep from test_finished_messages test/openssl/test_ssl: fix random failure in test test/openssl/test_ssl: avoid explicitly-sized private keys test/openssl/test_ssl: remove commented-out test case test/openssl/test_ssl: allow kRSA tests to fail ssl: avoid declarations after statements engine: revert OpenSSL::Engine.load changes for cloudhsm engine: remove really outdated static engines engine: do not check for ENGINE_load_builtin_engines() engine: fix guards for 'dynamic' and 'cryptodev' engines lib/openssl.rb: require openssl/version.rb x509: add error code and verify flags constants ssl: set verify error code in the case of verify_hostname failure .github/workflows: merge CI jobs into a single workflow .github/workflows: test against different OpenSSL versions .travis.yml: fully migrate to GitHub Actions ssl: suppress test failure with SSLContext#add_certificate_chain_file ssl: remove test case test_puts_meta from test_pair Revert "Use version.rb in gemspec" MSP-Greg (2): .travis.yml - remove 2.3/1.0.2, 2.5/1.1.1, head/1.0.2 Use version.rb in gemspec Samuel Williams (1): Restore compatibility with older versions of Ruby. Yusuke Endoh (1): Make OpenSSL::OSSL#test_memcmp_timing robust
2020-03-09Don't display singleton class in Method#inspect unless method defined thereJeremy Evans
Previously, if an object has a singleton class, and you call Object#method on the object, the resulting string would include the object's singleton class, even though the method was not defined in the singleton class. Change this so the we only show the singleton class if the method is defined in the singleton class. Fixes [Bug #15608] Notes: Merged: Merged-By: jeremyevans <>
2020-03-08Skip test_06_timeout for --jit-wait CITakashi Kokubun
This test has been too unstable on trunk-mjit-wait
2020-03-08Do not autosplat when calling procs that accept rest and keywordsJeremy Evans
When providing a single array to a block that takes a splat, pass the array as one argument of the splat instead of as the splat itself, even if the block also accepts keyword arguments. Previously, this behavior was only used for blocks that did not accept keywords. Implements [Feature#16166] Notes: Merged:
2020-03-08Word array instead of splittingNobuyoshi Nakada
2020-03-07Removed unnecessary `chomp`Nobuyoshi Nakada
As `String#split` with the default argument drops trailing newline as a separator, preceding `String#chomp` is futile.
2020-03-06Propagate JIT skip to all testsTakashi Kokubun
2020-03-07check ar_table after `#hash` callKoichi Sasada
ar_table can be converted to st_table just after `ar_do_hash()` function which calls `#hash` method. We need to check the representation to detect this mutation. [Bug #16676]
2020-03-06Skip jit_test on some new RubyCI envs for nowTakashi Kokubun
2020-03-06[ruby/prime] Fix Prime.include?Jeremy Evans
Previously, it would be an infinite loop if passed a non-prime integer. Also, Prime.include? should also provide similar results to Module#include? if passed a Module, so handle that. For consistency with Enumerable#include?, return false if passed other object types. Fixes Ruby Bug 10167.
2020-03-05Mask RubyVM-specific testCharles Oliver Nutter
2020-03-04Fixed FD leakNobuyoshi Nakada