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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-02-04test_rinda.rb: increase timeout for --jit-wait CIk0kubun
2019-02-01Revert r63383, r63248 "compile.c: copy a short insn with leave"nobu
2019-02-01Run r66972 assertion only when a sticky-bit makes sensenobu
2019-01-31Fix exception namespacenobu
2019-01-31test_iseq.rb: update expected error messagenobu
2019-01-31test_iseq.rb: enablednobu
2019-01-30Show the code in syntax assertionsnobu
2019-01-30enumerator.c: fix arith_seq_first for Infinitymrkn
2019-01-28Fix `Module#const_defined?` on inherited constantsnobu
2019-01-28added assertion with method ref operatornobu
2019-01-28Add refinements support to method/instance_method.nobu
2019-01-26parse.y: trim newline in erred codenobu
2019-01-25Upgrade CSV to 3.0.4kou
2019-01-25Upgrade RSS to 0.2.8kou
2019-01-24parse.y: remove an extra error messagenobu
2019-01-24numeric.c: Fix negative step with float componentsmrkn
2019-01-23tmpdir.rb: permission of user given directorynobu
2019-01-22Merge rubygems master targeted RubyGems 3.1.0.hsbt
2019-01-22parse.y: enclose keyword token names by quotesnobu
2019-01-21parse.y: more token namesnobu
2019-01-21test_io.rb: skip test on MJIT to prevent random failurek0kubun
2019-01-18Prefer block_given? to iterator?nobu
2019-01-16dir.c: fix Dir.glob with braces and matching dirshirosaki
2019-01-15setbyte / ungetbyte allow out-of-range integersshyouhei
2019-01-15Suppress warning: ambiguous first argument; put parentheses or a space even a...naruse
2019-01-14ast.c: fix missing head part in dynamic literalnobu
2019-01-13rdoc: ignore gemspec filesnobu
2019-01-13rdoc: fixup the test for r66806nobu
2019-01-12No FloatDomainError at non-finitive number if exception: falsenobu
2019-01-12No TypeError at nil if exception: falsenobu
2019-01-11Ensure to terminate the childnobu
2019-01-10test_jit.rb: change format of test error outputk0kubun
2019-01-10test/ruby/test_method.rb: Remove unreachable callkazu
2019-01-10proc.c: proc without blocknobu
2019-01-10proc.c: check if callablenobu
2019-01-09class.c: refactor class_instance_method_listnobu
2019-01-09Follow behaviour of IO#ungetbytekazu
2019-01-08Mark array as "going to be modified" in `Array#reject!`tenderlove
2019-01-08Check by #name [ruby-core:90853] [Bug #15497]nobu
2019-01-08Defer escaping control char in error messagesnobu
2019-01-08Test for "%p" in Time.strptimenobu
2019-01-08range.c (range_last): disable optimization when each is redefinedmrkn
2019-01-07time.c: support military time zone namesnobu
2019-01-07time.c: UTC and Z timezones should be utcnobu
2019-01-07complex.c (f_divide): canonicalize a quotientmrkn
2019-01-06ast.c: argument must be a stringnobu
2019-01-06Fix mday overflownobu
2019-01-05test/ruby/test_range.rb: add assertionsmrkn
2019-01-05parse.y: refine error messagesnobu