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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-07-14Merge psych-3.0.0.beta3 from ruby/psych.hsbt
2017-07-14process.c: null bytesnobu
2017-07-13Use tr! instead of gsub!kazu
2017-07-13process.c: handle dynamic :rlimit_* symbols in spawn execoptsnormal
2017-07-13Use Test::Unit::TestCase instead of MiniTest::Unit::TestCase. Becausehsbt
2017-07-12optparse.rb: get rid of evalnobu
2017-07-11tainted string should be tainted.ko1
2017-07-10test_rubyoptions.rb: assert -00nobu
2017-07-08assertions.rb: syntax_check for other implnobu
2017-07-07webrick: add Server Name Indication (SNI)normal
2017-07-06Fix DecimalInteger converting to octal bugnobu
2017-07-06lexer.rb: ignore dedented spacenobu
2017-07-04vm_args.c: improve keyword argument errorsnobu
2017-07-04time.c: preserve marshalled timezonenobu
2017-07-03Suppress warning: method redefined; discarding old ==naruse
2017-07-02Symbol#== should be able to be redefinedktsj
2017-07-01parse.y: f_margs parser eventsnobu
2017-07-01parse.y: mlhs_add_postnobu
2017-07-01test_parser_events.rb: simplifynobu
2017-06-29compile.c: disallow next in oncenobu
2017-06-28introduce rb_fiber_t::first_proc.ko1
2017-06-28parse.y: fix tokennobu
2017-06-28parse.y: add ellipsisnobu
2017-06-28parse.y: flush numeric tokennobu
2017-06-28add two testsduerst
2017-06-28parse.y: fix parser_yyerrornobu
2017-06-27fix return in toplevel ensurenobu
2017-06-27fix return in toplevel rescue/ensurenobu
2017-06-27vm_insnhelper.c: break in oncenobu
2017-06-25compile.c: toplevel return in argumentnobu
2017-06-24Delegate to `eql?` [Fix GH-1564]nobu
2017-06-23test_command_processor.rb: add suffixnobu
2017-06-23parse.y: should not warn op method callnobu
2017-06-23parse.y: check multibyte charnobu
2017-06-23skip on other threads (again).ko1
2017-06-23revert r59151 which introduce failures.ko1
2017-06-23skip on other threads.ko1
2017-06-23Revert "Allow IO#reopen to take a block"glass
2017-06-22fix mortal_dynamic_symbol countnobu
2017-06-22Fix exception type in option type checkerglass
2017-06-22try to fix symbol duplication.ko1
2017-06-22Allow IO#reopen to take a blockglass
2017-06-22catch up frozen_string_literal: true.ko1
2017-06-22gc.c: expand sorted pagesnobu
2017-06-21test/ruby/test_string.rb: add tests to chomp substrsonots
2017-06-21string.c: add String#delete_prefix and String#delete_prefix!sonots
2017-06-21Fix Enumerable#uniq with non single yield argumentsnobu
2017-06-20Fixed missing handling for frozen object at r59121.hsbt
2017-06-20Specify frozen_string_literal: true.hsbt
2017-06-20skip unresolved issue.ko1