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2004-01-18* failed to add in the previous commit.nahi
2004-01-08 * test/wsdl/datetime/test_datetime.rb: fixed a stupid testcase whichnahi
2003-12-08 * lib/soap/rpc/standaloneServer.rb: add 'shutdown' and 'status'nahi
2003-12-04 * lib/soap/soap.rb: add SOAP::Env module for environment repositorynahi
2003-11-30 * lib/soap/encodingstyle/soapHandler.rb: refactoring - Simplifyingnahi
2003-11-28* lib/soap/streamHandler.rb: drop unused http parameters.nahi
2003-11-25* test/wsdl/multiplefault.wsdl, test/wsdl/test_multiplefault.rb: removed. thisnahi
2003-11-25* lib/soap/**/*.rb, lib/wsdl/**/*.rb, lib/xsd/**/*.rb: changed license; GPL2 ...nahi
2003-11-08* test/wsdl/raa/*: add new testcase for WSDL loading, parsing and reading.nahi
2003-10-14* lib/soap/baseData.rb: Introduce SOAPType as the common ancestor ofnahi
2003-09-26* test/soap/*, test/wsdl/*, test/xsd/*: move TestCase classes into each modulenahi
2003-09-24* lib/soap/* (29 files): SOAP4R added.nahi