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2014-12-30test_time.rb: fix method to testnobu
2014-11-13* test/lib/envutil.rb: Moved from test/ruby/.akr
2014-10-31test_time.rb: test_iso8601nobu
2014-07-19Fix `Time.parse` for out of range arguments with an offsetnobu
2014-05-06* lib/time.rb (Time.make_time): Adjust the time zone of "now".akr
2014-05-05add a comment.akr
2014-05-05* lib/time.rb (Time.strptime): Raise ArgumentError if Date._strptimeakr
2014-05-03* lib/time.rb (Time.rfc2822): Fix year completion.akr
2014-05-03* lib/time.rb (make_time): Produce fixed-offset time object ifakr
2014-05-03add tests.akr
2014-05-03* lib/time.rb (Time.strptime): Use d[:offset] if d[:seconds] is notakr
2013-10-07* lib/time.rb (Time.strptime): Time.strptime('0', '%s') returns localakr
2013-10-07* lib/time.rb (Time.strptime): Use :offset.akr
2012-02-28* lib/time.rb (Time#xmlschema): use strftime specifiers instead ofnobu
2011-10-04* lib/time.rb (Time.strptime): use if d[:seconds] is set.naruse
2011-05-31* strftime.c (rb_strftime_with_timespec): improved style consistency.yugui
2010-06-24add an assertion.akr
2009-11-24* strftime.c: %Y format a year with 4 digits at least.akr
2009-05-25* time.c (rb_gmtime, rb_localtime): gmtime and localtime returnnobu
2009-05-18* test/test_time.rb: make tests timezone independent.akr
2009-04-21* lib/time.rb (Time#rfc2822): pad leading zeros for year.akr
2009-04-21* lib/time.rb (Time#xmlschema): use subsec instead of nsec.akr
2009-02-14* lib/time.rb (Time.parse): raise ArgumentError if Date._parse don'takr
2009-02-14* test/test_time.rb: extracted from lib/time.rb.akr
2004-01-13 * test/test_*.rb: Pathname#parent -> Pathname#dirname.nahi
2004-01-06 * test/inlinetest.rb, test/{test_generator.rb,test_ipaddr.rb,nahi