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2014-03-03* lib/find.rb (Find#find): should pass ignore_error option to enumerators.ktsj
2014-03-03* test/test_find.rb (TestFind#test_unsearchable_dir): ruby cannot makeusa
2014-03-02find.rb: add ignore_errornobu
2014-02-17* test/test_find.rb: remove unused variables.hsbt
2013-09-07* lib/find.rb (Find.find): respect the encodings of arguments.ktsj
2010-05-25* test/test_find.rb: skip some tests on Windows.usa
2009-12-15add tests.akr
2009-12-15* test_find.rb: close temporary files before removing them.usa
2009-12-14* lib/find.rb (Find.find): narrow rescue region.akr
2009-12-14add tests.akr
2009-12-13add a test.akr
2009-12-13new test file.akr